Android Wear Smartwatch

Lately Google is launching headlong in manufacturing accessories for their devices. A few weeks ago we saw the Live Case for smartphone Nexus, today Google MODE, interchangeable straps for Android Wear smartwatch. Will be of different colours and soon for sale on various channels-the same Google Store, Amazon and Best Buy, indicates a video posted by Google but then made private shortly afterwards.

The interesting concept is that the straps seem to be fixed by a simple joint, making it extremely fast and handy replacement anyone.

Note that the mechanism/brand FASHIONS is open-source: all producers will realize Google straps MODE, if they wish. The first brand to introduce products of this kind is Hadley Roma, who has just sold a decent number of smart watch phones at Amazon USA.

In this case we speak of noble materials: we find silicone watch straps and leather. Prices, however, are important: $ 50 to $ 60, and silicone ones to those in skin. Of course we talk about specific models of Hadley Roma; the hope is that the system will spread among producers by promoting competition-and a consequent reduction in prices.

As regards the compatible models, 16, 18, 20 variants will be produced and 22 mm, covering the entirety of the smartwatch phones Wear Android devices. For the moment we cannot do anything but wait for more information; in any case, if i Live houses are a reliable indication, we can assume that it will be an exclusive American, at least in the initial stages.