Anti-Google Made by Microsoft in American Newspapers Advertising

Microsoft does not waste time. After Google began to be accused of betraying its userswith privacy policy that covers all products, the company takes advantage of the discussion to launch an advertisement in US newspapers needling competition. Their message carries the title “Putting people first“, or “putting people first”.

“The changes that are disguised in terms such as ‘transparency’, ‘simplicity’ and ‘consistency’ in fact concern only one thing: make it easier for Google to connect the dots between everything you search, send, say or transmits while using one of their services.”

So far, nothing really new. Microsoft attacks by saying that Google is coming to this ad customization level the wrong way, since “makes it difficult for the user to” keep control of their own information on the network.

Of course, the ad is not just to attack Google. Microsoft recommends consumers uncomfortable with the new Google privacy policy experience Hotmail (instead of Gmail), Bing (instead of Google search), the Office 365 (Google Docs competitor, although many features of a non are in the other and vice versa) and Internet Explorer (in Chrome place).

This type of advertising is very hard to find here in Brazil, but in the US the thing is more flexible. I bet that if a company see the other dealing with their affairs in newspapers, immediately resorted to Bonar (private body that autorregulamenta advertising) to prevent the placement of new ads.

While Microsoft attacks in the newspapers, the Google responds to US Congressquestions about this privacy policy.

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