Anti-Stress Jeans

Do you know the jeans with anti-stress properties thanks to aromatherapy? The novelty is all Italian and comes from a fashion company of Abruzzo that has developed a special washing technique that makes these jeans able to fight stress and giving energy and vitality to whoever wears it. Curious to find out what it is?

The frontiers of jeans are increasingly large and seem to end up so after effect used jeans and rumpled, with bits of cloth and lace, studs, with low crotch and high-waisted, among the models of jeans for the summer 2015 appear anti-stress jeans.

The jeans against stress come from a company of Corropoli, in the province of Teramo, the Don The Fuller, and have the distinction of being able to transmit optimism and energy to the wearer. It feels like magic, but is the result of the beneficial properties of aromatherapy can pass positive emotions through a special treatment that the pants are subjected during washing.

The technique in question is called “sniff and chic” and serves to embellish your jeans with an essence of myrrh that fastens onto the fabric of his pants and lasts 6 months, they come back online and then daily. Myrrh, according to aromatherapy, sensory properties that stimulate some centres would capable of giving to the person who comes into contact with this substance an effect of serenity and inner strength.

The jeans with the aroma of myrrh were presented at “Premier Vision”, a famous fashion and textiles fair held in Paris, along with other original washing techniques, such as those with noble wines of Tuscany. The anti-stress trousers and washing “sniff and chic” are the ultimate result that Don the Fuller scored after years of research and innovations in the field of fashion as regards mainly canvases and washes.

Not enough combinations of colors and patterns, we will now consider the combinations of scents that we wear every day for our outfits! The anti-stress myrrh jeans pants are ideal for those who enjoy being groomed and perfumed and who doesn’t want to give up their psycho-physical, taking advantage of the beneficial effects of myrrh and rebalancing to be fully charged and energetic.