Apple is Overcomplicating The Clock

The Opinion Above is not a major competitor of Apple Watch maker (above), as Samsung or Motorola, but a company that made perhaps the only smart watch successful so far.

When you haven’t even dreamed of a clock from Apple, the American Pebble broke on the Kickstarter with a smart watch with Bluetooth, accelerometer and notifications of smartphone.

The campaign of the first model Pebble happened in 2012 and had a goal of $100000. Managed $10,200,000. This year, new model, new campaign. The goal now is greater: half a million dollars. Missing 17 days for the closing, the company has raised $17,500,000 for Pebble Time (in the screenshot below).

The first models of the Pebble began to be sold at retail in July 2013. In a year and a half, a million watches were sold, according to company information. For comparison, all brands that use Android Wear (such as Samsung, Motorola and LG) had marketed only 720,000 watches in the second half of 2014 based on philosophynearby.

In an interview to the site Trusted Reviews, a representative of the Pebble criticized the approach of companies like Apple and Samsung in time to make their watches. “I think they’re complicating what people will do with them,” said Monica Isla, spokesman for the Pebble.

“We haven’t lost sight of the fact that it is a watch. I think many people forget that. It’s not a phone. It’s not a device. Is a clock and the time is what matters to people.”

According to Monica, “the first time I saw the video of the Apple Watch and appeared that viewfinder with applications like bubbles I thought,’ what is that?'”.

“Why do you look at a map on your wrist? Don’t go there. Is not relevant, is not the path we follow. According to the spokesman, the company prefers to focus on simple and easy-to-use products.

Even so, the Pebble sees as positive the arrival of Apple in the category, for making this type of product is best known to the general public.