Apple Watch Stand Out Features

There are several smart watches on the market already, so there is no reason to wait on Apple Watch? Here are the areas where it differs from its competitors.

Although time with Apple’s watches after the event was brief, it was obvious how much effort the company put on every little detail.Apple Watch in reality surpasses the impression one gets from the crisp product images that Apple put out on their website. Casing in stainless steel makes it feel like a gadget with weight, not just a tiny digital toy. The screen is covered with Sapphire Crystal does absolutely her for the experience. The variants that goes under the name Apple Watch Sport has an anodized aluminum, which makes them feel easy on the wrist, according to

But it’s not just the look that is the basis for these gadgets is impressive in a way that previous smart watches have not managed to do.

Smart controls

You control the clock, touch, poke or swipe on screen. Swipes are useful for quick overview of features that your current location, the weather or calendar. Apple calls this “glances” (eyes). But the small screen cannot be used in the same way as the controls on a large mobile screen. Where will the digital Crown into the picture, the small wheels on the side which on mechanical watches were used to adjust the time or turn up the clock. In Apple Watch, this is instead method to navigate around. Depending on what appears on the screen, it can be used for functions to scroll through a lot of information on the same screen or enlarge a picture. Press the Crown as a button takes you back to the home screen.

In addition to the Crown there is a button to, as Apple informed us in short is called “button”. It will take you to a Contacts view and from there you can send quick messages. As Apple has shown during the event, you can either draw a small illustration directly on the screen or instruct your iPhone in your pocket to call the person.Apple Pay, payment solution that Apple showed up today, are also using the same button. Press two times and hold up the clock at the register’s readers so you can walk out of the store without making any more.

You can only squeeze in a certain number of controls on such a small screen that Apple Watch has, and it is clear that Apple has taken that into account. The digital Crown looks to be a simple control method that takes into account the context, and it should make it much easier to navigate the little widget.

And to answer a question we got yesterday: it is possible to change direction on the screen so even left-handed can use watch comfortably.

What is “taptic engine”?

The taptic engine is a function that will notify you through small taps. An example is when you use the clock to navigate, then gives you various types of taps, depending on whether it wants you to turn right or left.

When we got to try this in real life, it turned out to be a gentle tapping, hardly something that will make you jump high. To use the wrist feels this is a really clever feature. An iPhone in silent mode will still make noise if you leave it on, especially if it is on a table. But with the clock in quiet mode, only you will know that something just happened.

Apple wants to see you in shape

Two apps that Apple gave special attention is the Activity and Workout. The former will get you up off the couch by providing you with information about how much you actually move, or at least stand up, for one day. The other works, like apps for the iPhone, as a guide and a log of your workouts, and keep track of the progress you are making and how close you are to reaching vulnerable targets.

In broad terms, this is nothing new, there are today many bracelets and watches on the market that have these features. But based on the short time we had with the watch it looks like Apple has gone one step further. During a demonstration showed a woman on a treadmill how the whole thing is supposed to work. After having set its goals, she began to run. The watch went down in deep sleep but of course continued to keep track of your workout. And when she then lifted his arm woke up the screen to life and showed how far she has come and how much it was left to the goal. Especially if you combine this with an iPhone or iPad becomes that much easier to keep track of all their training.

Important questions that we didn’t get answers to

Despite all this, there are important details that we need to know, and the most important is probably the battery life. No Apple representative wanted to answer that question, but this is clearly a widget that needs to survive in all cases from that you wake up until it’s time to put out the bed lamp. We love the “wireless” charging, which means you can only draw a small plate on the back of the watch.

Another question is how tough it is. It clearly feels sturdy, and Apple call it water resistant, which should rule out sweat and drizzle as high risks. But what happens if you stumble in a puddle?

The new communication methods, such as sending his heartbeat to anyone who chose to walk around with an Apple Watch, is something that hardly will appeal to all.

To this we must add that it will cost from $350, which should give a price around 3500 SEK including Swedish VAT, in addition to the money we already paid for an iPhone.