Applying Makeup on Public Transport

Hands up who at least once has rigged the home to work or to school? Imagine a crowd of waving hands. The stereotype of the woman who is being abused in the car at the traffic light is more than a cliché, it’s a reality. We ladies, though, we can do even worse: there are those who put the pencil on the train, who expertly stretches lipstick on the subway and who combs in the elevator.

Applying Makeup on Public Transport

Be on time and do not give up even 5 minutes of sleep requires a certain ingenuity and make up in this sense comes to us. Be careful, though, because often between a curve and a sudden braking of the train, you make several mistakes and our make-up creates a sudden Panda effect, very ugly. In addition, our cosmetic performance may unnerve our travel companions. Hence the mistakes to avoid.

Attention to hygiene

Before you apply make-up, you need to have clean hands . Surely you touched the ticket, maybe a seat or a handle to keep in balance. Use a sanitizing gel before pulling out of the bag the cosmetic bag of makeup.

Avoid lipstick

You are convinced that you have a steady hand just like that of the surgeon, and yet put lipstick on the train while you are standing in the midst of other commuters is not an easy task: he drools and promptly become stained teeth. The solution? Use a colored balm to be applied with your finger.

Do not use the pencil

It is for the lips or the eyes, the pencil can not be used on a moving vehicle. It’s too risky.obviously not given bother anyone, but you could create unwanted graphic signs difficult to clean from a stop to the next. For your eyes, only a thin layer of mascara and a little ‘light-buffered eye shadow with your fingertip.

Do not overdo the perfume

There is nothing worse in the morning, do the trip with a person next to fragrant. There are people who suffer from strong odors and have sudden headaches. It is also not at all polite start spraying wildly. Use a solid perfume or roll on applicator, much more discrete.

Do not get the glaze and not cut their nails

There are people who do this too, and the result is often dramatic, not only for nails, but also for clothes. Streaks of polish everywhere. That’s not all, the manicure DIY train is really loutish, more the stench enamel. If you just can not hold you, use the adhesive enamel: they are colored stickers that are applied directly on the nails.

Do not use hairspray or gel

There are products that have to be banned during the journey on the means, just like the hair spray. If you are looking to remove the classic winter electrical effect or want to straighten their hair, no need to do is go in your hair your hands dirty by a light layer of moisturizer.