Are You Finished Download The Entire SDK, You Can Download The Binaries of ADB and Fastboot Separately

One of the things most heavy, but necessary, when it comes to rooting our device is to download the necessary elements that will allow us to carry out the process on our computer, not only the device drivers, but also the necessary binaries. For this last, so far was mandatory to download the SDK completely.

I remember in my busiest times that download weighed about 1 GB, so if you don’t have a good connection you will have to have patience. But Google has decided to make things easier this time to the separate the ADB and Fastboot SDK binaries, which means having to download only a few megs.

Until now had an alternative third-party hovering out there, especially by the extensive Forum of XDA Developers, such as Minimal ADB and Fastboot, that saved you a number of megs and big time. However, There are those who prefer to download programs from official sources.

For such users, Google has listened and has binaries available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Zip files they just pass the 3.5 MB in size, What is no doubt a huge difference. Now our phones won’t have fear of rooting from our newly formatted computer or from a foreign computer.