As For The Bicycle Saddle On The Correct Height

On many occasions we are faced with the problem of being uncomfortable on top of the bike, for the saddle not being in the correct height. Sometimes too low and we can’t stretch your legs and pedal so easily, sometimes too high and we didn’t get the pedals comfortably. These are examples of which in the saddle of the bike at the correct height may not be that easy, then some practical advice.

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Get on the bike and sit on the saddle. If someone help so that this is completely stiff, the better.

Place the heel of one of his feet on the pedals and stretch your leg as much as possible. This is the correct height according to Cancermatters. When the leg is fully stretched, but supporting the heel.

When you’re walking, the maximum extension of the leg must make an angle of approximately 30 degrees.

If you have to download the hip to the knee extension or loses contact with the pedal down the saddle. Make sure your helper place a finger on the trochanter and adjust to not download the pedaling backwards.

If it does not reach full extension at the lower point has to climb the saddle until you get it. Keep in mind that cycling supporting the sole, even if the pedal with the heel (for testing) the knee if stretch, the pedal with the heads of the metatarsals or the front of the foot (actual situation) there should be total knee extension at any time.

If, however, you’re not sure that the saddle is at the correct height or think that the saddle you could have downloaded during a commute, get tested to pedal back with his heels, when passing next to a window, look at your reflection. Remember that you must see your leg straight down without swinging your hips.

Riding almost always sitting near the rear of the saddle can be because it is is insufficient. To go back looking for greater height, since it is near the pedals.

Otherwise, if it’s on the tip of the saddle is likely to have the height higher than the corresponding and so, naturally, will approach the pedals leaning.

If the frequency to your pedal is high (more than 85-90 r.p.m) will be more comfortable with the advanced seat and a few millimeters shorter than the rules say, so favours the leg in the pedal, making it faster. To find out how often riding, count how many times the right foot goes through the upper part of your route in 15 seconds and multiply it by four.

Pedalling slowly (70-75 r.p.m) is preferable to gently push the saddle and climb a few millimeters. So, you can enjoy the power of extension of their quadriceps.

When I use a soft seat that will sink him slightly. Keep in mind that time to measure the seat height, you should get so the saddle a few millimeters taller.

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