ASUS Zenwatch

They themselves have been responsible for heating the environment with the clock, giving it a higher priority than the tablets or home computers before starting the IFA 2014.

We seem obvious, the wearables boom is occurring, and few major companies have made serious bets, least of all by the hand of Google.

After Samsung, LG or Motorola, the next to have a smart watch with Android Wear OS is ASUS, and has just been introduced in Berlin. Your name, ASUS ZenWatch.

Android Wear In Square Screen

Once you know Android Wear, and the different models that have been appearing, the first thing that comes to mind is the form factor that is going to be used in the product. Well you see, following the steps of the first models, and the recently introduced Samsung Gear S, we have another model with square screen.

To enter to debate if it is better one way or another, is not the purpose of this article, over time we will see how clocks of different formats behave and evolve, but it is a fact that those who are more like a classic watchare calling More attention.

Be that as it may, the design of the ASUS ZenWatch is very achieved, according to materials, nothing that has to do with a cheap product. The body is constructed of stainless steel, surrounded by a golden element in pink tonality that makes it very elegant, although perhaps it does not fit everyone’s taste.

The “default” belt is made of leather, but more will come as it is possible to change it (22 mm). The complete dimensions of the watch are: 50.6 x 39.8 x 7.9-9.4 millimeters, and weighs 75 grams with strap.

The screen size is 1.63 inches , with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels and an AMOLED, touch panel. Interesting to know that the protective surface is conceived with Gorilla Glass 3, and has a curvature that they denominate like design 2.5D.

With A Phone, Better

The next point that we are interested in knowing when one of these new watches arrives is its dependence on other devices, because here, as has become standard in Android Wear, we have a very capable accessory, but a friend of smartphones .

So far only a model such as the Gear S-with Tizen operating system-had dared to include 3G connectivity and spend some of the phone. It is not the idea of ​​ASUS, which also bets on a concept that leads to achieve an affordable product, or at least with a price below the competition.

Integration with the phone is interesting, there are many tricks and connectivity between devices. For example, the watch can unlock the screen or make it sound, in case we are looking for it. There are also applications that can be operated remotely, such as the camera or presentations, or it is possible to silence the notifications by covering the clock display. We will tell you more details in the contact sockets.

As for the internal hardware, expected, that is, we have a small Snapdragon 400 chipset from Qualcomm, which are already using their competitors. There are 512MB of RAM or 4GB for storage.

For those who are wondering about its resistance, it is certified as IP55. To round the set does not miss the microphone, a heart rate sensor, or the different physical activity sensors (accelerometer).

ASUS Zenwatch, Price And Availability

The philosophy of the Taiwanese company is similar to that deployed in the family of Zen phones, that is, good specifications and design, at a competitive price, adding in this case some more distinction in materials. Its price will be 199 euros and will go on sale in October.