Audio Pro LV3 in the Test

We have the audio Pro LV3 in the test. The wireless speakers boast a very warm sound and great bass. The high gloss leaves to be desired however.

If there were an award for new boxes optics, the new Audio Pro LV3 would be a prime candidate. While she is not only a version extended beautifully on stand box successfully in AUDIO 4/10 tested LV2, but a completely different concept for a completely different field of application: while little was rather designed as bookshelf and Nearfield monitor, to the LV3 evenly level the targeted House and less on a special listener target, as it commonly to do classical hi-fi system.

To this end, the midrange of the box exudes not forward, but more to the top. three tweeter, which expand the angle also on generous 270 degrees no less than there are also in the box-clad head. Standing in front of the box, you can see if necessary using the bright level indicator, where front is – there is not a classic wall of sound.

Mission Multiroom

The wireless operation of LV3 is similarly straightforward as the sister model: A small box with USB plug that dongle called, docks on the PC, Mac or laptop and logs on there as a sound card, which worked without any problems in the test. Then the music with any player program, for example, iTunes or Winamp, digital and loss-free in the whole building can be distributed and worn by several wireless systems. Virtually there: for up to three different areas can be defined zones, whose volume is fully customizable.

No PC or laptop available, this is also an analogue signal via the jack plug (from system or iPod) can serve as a player. The signals are then with 24-bit word width sampled and transferred without loss to the speaker. Up to three channels can be operated in parallel in a household and per “Housecode” cluster to have a selected pair of speakers. Setting up the box to do so is very easy and worked in the test as well.

Should the remote control not to hand the active speaker can be located with four small buttons on his “wall of sound”, that the fabric cover must be removed however. She remains in the normal case of course – and so dressed up, hardly a Floorstanding speaker to recognize the LV3 and can integrate visually harmonious spaces. That is the good part also of the compact dimensions with only 75 cm height and excellent at her leather dress that is completely almost lovingly stitched processed. That could of course tempt the wife of the House to make the audio Pro in the corner.

And developers have considered this case: an additional bass rolloff regulates namely the woofer progressively broadband, to compensate for the resulting addition of bass when close to a wall or even corner near. The round Jet concept is rounded off in namely the Downfire Bass to the subwoofer, which actively separately powered and audible clout to give the audio Pro even in larger rooms. He radiates on a base plate and thus is always defined conditions.

Final frontier

Hardly surprising – for friends concentrated HiFi playback with centimetre set listening spot music via the LV3 first meant a certain transition. She sounded not at all phases, but distributed the sound image by Kari Bremnes’ “Norwegian Mood” generously and tremendously wide, which the singer was not more clearly to locate between boxes. Opened the handset but the freedom to take a dip in the music, where sound regardless of the position remained amazingly full and luscious virtually throughout the room.

Just crisp and pummeling bass combined with the generosity of the figure made the audio Pro at movie music such as John Williams ‘”Star Wars”Suite ideal for hours of listening pleasure, although classical listeners maybe could cavil a certain lack of high gloss and detail. But the concept of audio Pro and dynamic as spatial skills make this discussion anyway to the academic: who wants to build a wireless multi-room system with very simple and widely to fill its rooms, will find here an ideal facility.