AVON Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction

Once again making the rounds in the Beautybloggerwelt a product and a packet has reached me. In it were three shades of the new “Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction” Lipstick Avon.

Like everyone else, I also have the three colours “soft pink”, getting “Red Kiss” and “Nude Perfection”. I think it’s a shame that all the same colors have, so you can do unfortunately just a picture of these nuances, but there are definitely very nice colors – therefore I am satisfied.
The first thing that strikes one in the lipsticks, is this marbled designof course. Honestly – the first time that I saw them, I not really thought that opaque colors should be, but I should be wrong.

This white marbling contain the newly developed “Aqua silk” complex and brought in the rich, opaque colors as an intensive moisturizer . In addition, the lipsticks have the SPF 15.

The feel and durability:
The texture feels very creamy, very moisturizing on the lips. The lipstick glides when applying very pleasant over the lips and leaves color, without thereby firmly that you have many layers.
The paint does not dry out the lips, which is unfortunately not really ideal for the durability – it is although promised that the color for hours across remains on the lips, but that’s unfortunately not quite right. Because the texture is very moist and not dry, according to lots of color goes away again. Especially in the food and beverages. Unfortunately. A more frequent tightening so unfortunately is a must. I have fortunately no problem, that doesn’t bother me, but I can imagine that a lot of people don’t like that. Among other things because of the price.

The colors:
• “Soft pink” a nice Barbierosa that but not so garish, or cheap acts on the lips, but I like very natural and pretty, is sometimes the best.
• “Red Kiss” is a strong, very opaque, blue-tinged red – nothing for all skin types, but who are bluish tones, should look at this color urgent!
• “Nude Perfection” is a brownish nude and like colour very much – unfortunately, I rather like the idea but…

What we are also at the single shortcoming – for me personally -: the shimmer. On “Red Kiss” and “soft pink” he bothers because he goes under it, but “Nude Perfection” he’s making a little unhappy me because I like a matte finish in shades of nude hardly (or shiny, but not shimmering).
Who of do not disturb lets gets but 10 different, very beautiful tones.
The taste and the scent from the lipsticks very much remind me of gummy bears. The scent is strong fruity sweet, as with gummy bears. That is probably not to everyone’s taste, but I can assure you: it flies very fast and it tastes / no longer smells after a short time.

The 10 colours since February either at the Avon calling, online at → our site or 0180 325 73 73 (9 cents / min).
Now for the introduction for €7,95, then later for €12.

Who wears like strong colors, I can recommend only the lipsticks – moisturizing texture is almost never present for such opaque colors, mostly saturated colors dry out the lips, abe, this is not the case here. Who need to pull to not scare off leaves, should use the introductory offer and lie to the one or the other color. Who is an Avon calling nearby, should look at but previously times the colors, if you don’t like like shimmer – so try!

The products in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by the manufacturer or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much!