Baby Pajama Sets

To dress your baby from birth to his 1st month a single watchword: PRACTICE!

Choose clothing with opening/closing systems simple and quick buttons for example, pressure to win from the time when dressing and undressing/change of baby.

  • Choose his baby bodies:

The body assimilates to the undergarment of the baby. It is therefore essential to always put a body to your baby under her pajamas.

About form of bodies baby, from birth until his 3 months, prefer them models “Crusaders ” which close by pressure or small knots on the middle front and facilitate so the dressing / undress.

Then after 3 months, you can choose other model like bodies emmenchures American Baby who slip through the head. Thanks to this type of emmenchures, the neckline of the product is very elastic. It departs easily, which facilitates the threading of the body especially for children who have a neck and a head held still fragile.

At the level of contents, prefer the natural type cotton or linen and avoid synthetics which might lead to irritations of the skin to your baby as the bodies are worn on the body.

Finally, depending on the season, you will opt for models with short sleeves or long sleeves.

  • Choose his sleep well/Pajamas baby:

Pajamas baby, also called sleep well, babygros or even onesies, are considered to be the most appropriate outfit for newborns. Indeed, especially during its 1 month, you will change your baby up to 4 to 5 times a day (regurgitations, sweating, leaks of layers…) and need you so many clothes. What is more, during his sleep (more or less 15 H / 16 H per day) your little one will need to be comfortable.

With its practical snaps and his velvet soft and comfortable: the sleep well turns out be ideal to change your baby easily and as many times as you need in a day while providing comfort and well being!

Regarding the sizes to buy prenatally to prepare your maternity Keychain for example, you will need to rely on your latest ultrasounds that will be able to tell you the weight and size approximate your future baby.

Based on the results and you based on our grid sizes, you’ll know whether you opt for sizes birth or whether you prefer 1 month.

Be aware that some hospitals advise to buy directly from the 1 month left sleeves a bit of Pajamas at the beginning.

Regarding forms, there are two types: the sleep well “Y” and the sleep well ‘BRIDGE’.

    • Pajamas baby “Y”: the opening and closing by pressure is on the Middle before then at the level of the crotch to the feet.
    • Pajamas baby “BRIDGE”: the opening and closing by pressure is on the middle of the back and then at the level of the buttocks (it forms a sort of inverted “T”)

For the 1st month, we recommend choosing of sleep well “Y” because although pressures are more numerous on this type of models as those in the “BRIDGE” format, they facilitate dressing / undressing of the baby in the sense where they avoid threads by the head and the tilting of the baby on his tummy especially during the 1st month where his neck and his head hold are still fragile.

Finally, for materials, most of our babies Pajamas are available in Velvet soft so that your baby is comfortable and warm.

However, according to the seasons, you can opt for the special Pajamas were in 100% cotton to avoid your baby to sweat too much, or for the winter, we invite you to supplement your traditional velvet range by a few more hot models of surpyjamas in 100% polar.