Back to School: Briefcase Or Backpack?

Every year, at the same time, a discussion comes up: which bag to buy for back to school? From elementary school to higher, no one escapes this! Even students of pre-entry examination and technical courses must make this decision every year.

Many doubts occur in time of choice: Which style is ideal for storing my books and notebooks? Which model is most recommended to avoid damaging the spine? Should I choose folders or backpacks? Is there any scholarship that fall well with various styles of clothing? See the answers to these and other questions now!

X folders Backpacks

Before making the decision, you need to evaluate several aspects. The main of them is the type and volume of materials that you download.

For example, if in your routine at the University you usually carries a lot of books and notebooks, the backpack is recommended over at It’s a matter of ergonomics: the bag has more support for load weight. Distributing the weight between the two handles, helps maintain posture in order and just being more comfortable.

Now, if you are entering a stage of completion, it is good to think of the monograph. You will deal with many single-sheet and some ceo is appointed. In this case, the folder is over-stated.

What material to choose?

In high school the stamped and/or colored bags tend to be the protagonists of the production at the school. The bold choice is usually the result of the desire to break the monotony of the uniform. When you get to the top level, this is no longer a problem, since in universities each student dresses.

At this stage, the best bet is in handbags, briefcases and backpacks with the beautiful design and quality raw materials. When buying, prefer the pieces of genuine leather and cotton canvas. As for the color, choose the one you like.

Folders combine with what?

The folders are the tracks of people most classy, I don’t like a lot of risk in visual. They are also excellent for those who go straight from work to school and don’t have time to change clothes.

In the women’s super folders productions combine with straight pants, sneakers and more formal blouses. We already looks masculine, this accessory goes well with polo shirts or pants Indigo social or tailoring. Academic courses such as economics, business and finance always prefer the folders!

How to use the backpacks?

The backpacks are super versatile accessories, because at the same time that combine with jeans and a t-shirt, go well with dresses and Boho Chic productions. The leather backpacks are ideal for most classic and stylish productions. The canvas backpacks, especially the colorful, fall better in informal, relaxed and youthful looks. You choose which makes your style!

And then, you enjoy more backpacks or folders? Prefer leather or canvas? Analyze which model combines more with you and with the pieces of your wardrobe and take your decision with confidence. After all, this accessory will be your partner during the school year. Good choice and good studies!

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