Basic Tips for Photographing Jewelry

Since I wrote the first article about tips for photographing jewelry, I’ve been receiving many messages from manufacturers interested in photographing their own product. I understand that digital photography has greatly facilitated that kind of work. However, if you do not have a vast knowledge of photography and lighting, you will hardly be able to venture into the tips I have spent.

It would be like studying high school without going through the first. Accessory tips are aimed at professionals who already operate in the area and intend to deepen in jewelry photography and/or acquire new knowledge.

Because of the enormous amount of people who sought me for help, I decided to write an article destined only to them.

So if you are a trader who is initiating a new jewelry sales project and still has no money to invest in a photography professional, this is the best way for you.

Let’s get the tips:

1) Invest in basic

In this case, the diffusing tent will be very helpful to you, it is already ready and with several options of background colours. Worth the investment that is R $150-200 reais.

2) Lighting

I nominate the light goes on, so you won’t have to break your head to learn how to use the generator, or err on the power. Buy 3 still low-watt lights each. Use one on each side of the tent and if necessary, depending on the piece you will photograph, you can use one on top as well. You find them in photography shops.

Summary of items to be used:

Three reflectors (is the round pan involving the light bulb continues, photo above)

Transparent double face tape (to leave the rings on the stand)

Transparent nylon yarn (for hanging earrings and necklaces)

Diffuse tent;

A table to support the tent;

3 tripods;

Camera and lens (choose one according to your budget)

3 lights Continue

If possible a camera tripod.

These are the basic items to photograph this type of object in a simple and without much complication. With them you can achieve good results!

I hope I helped somehow! Hugs to all.