Bathroom Faucet and Shower

Udebruser Milano 20 liters

After a session in the pool, in the garden, summer house or on the beach, it’s nice to get washed the body during a garden shower or rather a sun shower. And it no longer needs to be a cold experience. For this garden shower from Swim & Fun gives both cold and hot water. On a hot summer day can the water be 35-40 gr.

The water is heated in the tube that is located inside the garden shower, and regulation between cold and hot water is via a built-in mixer. The shower can be set up on any flat surface and is connected only to a garden hose. This two-part model in stainless material is very easy to handle – and also store, outside the season.

Garden shower hexagon with integrated solvarmer.

Damixa Space Faucet with swivel spout

Including mixer.

Damixa Space Faucet with swivel spout

SPACE faucet series have a compact simple design, high quality and durability. SPACE-fixture series is available both for your kitchen and bathroom. Find more faucets.

Udebruser Milano 20 liters

5 year warranty against dripping
Chrome VA approved
Ceramic cartridge worth mentioning
120 º turn restriction
Water consumption 0-17 l/min
Eco-Save restrooms *

* Water quantity can be set individually on request.

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