Bathtub Buying Guide

The bathtub is the largest element of the bathroom. If aesthetics is important, other criteria are added to make the bath a true moment of well-being. This is so advice to choose your bathtub.

It is far time of the rudimentary bath planters to wash was simple hygiene. Here comes the time of pleasure and care, where bathtubs combine the grace and comfort with the design, to make the bath a true moment of happiness and the tub an exception object.

What to know about the bathtub

Because if the style is a matter of taste, interior architecture such as decoration, however involve a few basic rules. Starting with articulate and coordinate the arrangement of a room around its largest furniture.
And the bathroom is no exception to this rule. The tub being the largest object in the room, it is well around it it comes to compose the rest of the bathroom.

But be careful however not to have eyes bigger than your stomach. Except in cases of emergency, the bathroom is a room where the place is expensive. And the bath must first integrate harmoniously into volumes. Its shape, its size and its location are conditioned by the State of affairs but also by the configuration of the network of plumbing. Of course, you can always change the power supply and the discharge of water if you want to change the location of the bath. But it means much more heavy than the simple replacement of the Lac. It is better as far as possible choose a model based on the existing network, especially if it is in good condition.

The height of a bathtub is an another important part of its dimensions. If it does not impinge on the surface on the floor of the bathroom, it however determines the volume of water required for the filling of the bath. An immediate impact on your water bill! As the depth is not essential to fully immerse the body if the tray is designed ergonomically. A long bath in which you can lie is more comfortable and less greedy than a shorter but deeper water.

The imbedding

Depending on the model, it will often develop a built-in to your new tub. Its contours and edges it comes to dress water-repellent to take coordinated tile plates. Additional finishing work should take into account when choosing his tray.

The faucet

Last detail of skin for your bathtub, his taps are nevertheless very important. Some models provide coordinated elements, but you can also choose to compose according to your taste and your mood. It comes to choose according to aesthetic criteria, but also of ergonomics and comfort. Finally some mixers allow significant savings of water and heating it.

Do it yourself?

If the complete renovation of a bathroom remains a work important that it is better to entrust to professionals, the simple replacement of a bath is not too complicated, if you connect it to the existing plumbing network. In a few steps, he comes to mount the feet, to make connections, attach strips of maintains, to the join and install the faucet. If the operation requires no welding or masonry should still be a great handyman to install a bath yourself.

Rectangle bathtubs

This is the classic configuration because rectangular bathtubs adapt quite easily in narrow parts by settling in the length or depth of the room. This is also the format for which the offer is most important, good new you have the choice.
Length, width and depth are the first criteria to find the model that suits to your bathroom.Most are available in several sizes to fit different configurations, even if often needed a framework to perfectly insert the tray into the architecture of the room. This framework is sometimes supplied with the bathtub, but it is also possible to buy the tray only to compose its base to measure.
Rectangular bathtubs come in all colors and materials that the market offers, and thrive as many accessories, massages, jacuzzi, therapy. This traditional configuration of bac does nothing have the luxury. The advantage of this profusion, is there really all models, at all prices, and that it is perfectly possible to find his own without breaking the Bank. The rectangular format implies a careful search, to find the tub that meets your expectations.

Models of bathtubs rectangles?

Simple models
The Acrylic Bathtub breeze of Leroy Merlin has straight curves and has elegant elegant skinnable different different styles of aprons (209 euros).

Design patterns
The Black Tears Collection is signed by Olivier Lapidus for Aquamass and dress of emblematic motifs in the history of fashion such as the chicken foot, peas, the bayadere or even the rings (from 3990 euros). Aquamass also offers the model naval designed by Xavier Lust. This model in Corian® is especially declined in a very electric orange version.
Shower or bath? Jacob Delafon puts everyone agree with its model NEO (photo) that compiles both functions stylishly without conceding anything to comfort (from 789 euros).

Super models
Kinedo offers a new version of its model Kineplus that conforms perfectly to the body and provides 4 new programs massage and optimal distribution of areas of massage (from 6133 euros).

Corner bathtubs

If the corner bathtub is roomier and more luxurious, it is not necessarily reserved for the large bathrooms. Even a narrow room, as long as it is at least 1.80 meters wide, can adapt to this kind of format.
By installing it at the back of room, she fits perfectly in a longitudinal architecture. But a corner bath does not play in the same category as his small rectangular sisters. If there is still some models at affordable prices, most cater to the facilities of a certain standing. Because the manufacturers decline this kind of format like the one mainly dedicated to massages and care.

Models of corner bathtubs

Simple models
The bath Stone of Sanitana has soft, flowing lines without any frills, for those who want a discrete model.
The model Premium of Sanindusa acrylic available simple curves in a square frame of 140x140cm.

Spa models
Spacious and equipped with two headrest, the bathtub Grandform Maloya (photo) is available in 5 colours and allows to choose among 3 massage programs or opt for a massage preprogrammed tailor-made (from 2663 equipped euros), as well as the rectangular model a Cinto, skinnable place of an acrylic apron wood or glass (from 2087 equipped euros).

Design patterns
The Minimal of SystemPool model is available in different rectangular dimensions and can equip combinations of programs of jets and Chromotherapy.
The Centaurus bathtub published by Ammonitum has a sandbox in the shape of a shell, but especially a coating in wood for a natural and warm style.

Baths island

This is the real trend of the moment: the free-standing bathtub, that is to say put the tub in the center of the room and so all the attention. This configuration comparable to that of the kitchens open equipped with an island, necessarily involves having room. It comes to be able to move easily around the tub, and so to have a certain volume. If this is your case, you’re doubly lucky because the Central baths are those for which manufacturers come out the game of the Design.
But the installation of the island, true Grail of lovers of the bath tub, deserves. Thus required plumbing fittings, but sometimes also surelevations floor recessed height difference of evacuations.

What models of bathtubs island?

Design models
The Corian® Hi Bath tub is the fruit of a contrast between a rectangular base with sensual curves. It is signed Matali Crasset for Aquamass
Abrazo is a Jacob Delafonsigned very enveloping tub, which the ovoid shape is a tribute to the world of pottery (5980 euros). The manufacturer also offers Askew , a bath conceived outwardly as a stack of architectural rectangles in staggered that meets a tub interior comfort and softness (5980 euros).
Double pleasure of the bath with the Utawa of Spiritual fashion model who has smoothly a second smaller tray, like a corner Chair.

The deco models
For Aquamass, Paolo Chipiron sign Stone Goldline in finishes in white, yellow or pink, and made gold by hand as a pure jewel of the place Vendôme.
Jacob Delafon offers bath Rave, a re-reading sleek modern bathtub Empire (2153 euros).
Inspired by the authentic old tubs but with a modern design, Wanda is a very pretty model in ceramilux edited by Antonio Lupi and drawn by Daniel Debiasi and Frederico Sandri.
Tribute to the marine world, the Ocean Shell of Bagno Sasso collection declines shapes that openly reminiscent of seashells.

The different materials of bathtubs

If the forms of bathtubs compete imagination, materials are not left.
And the main materials that can be found on the market have qualities and very different prices.

The oldest among, the cast iron and ceramics are also valuable, aesthetic and robust, but they are also very heavy when acrylic is much lighter. Soft to the touch, this synthetic material is also one of the cheapest and allows the water to better maintain its temperature.
More expensive and heavier, but also more resistant, Corian® is non-slip, and repairs itself easily in the event of scratches. In addition, he today comes in many shades.
Other materials have special characteristics as the Biocryl which limits the deposit of bacteria and resistant to ultraviolet to preserve his whiteness, or the Quaryl, a mixture of quartz and Acryl anti-slip and resistant to shocks and scratches.

More confidential, the polyurethane allows flexible bathtubs that embrace the body shapes. As for glass, it is very aesthetic but fragile and difficult to implement and maintain.
Finally one can also opt for more rough, like concrete, or natural materials such as wood.


Regardless of their format or material which composes them, bathtubs decline today many functions to make the bathroom a moment of incomparable relaxation.
Systems always more personalized massage, through care programs composable on internet to insert into a USB.
Light, color, aromatherapy, many manufacturers offer really innovative and complete options to stimulate all your senses when you’re in the water.
Speakers built-in to relax to music, but also screens specially designed for powder rooms to enjoy a movie without getting out of the foam.