Beanie Trend Fall 2013

You’re a huge fan of email Beanies? Then there here something for your ears! To all cap freaks and hipsters out there: The stylish favorite accessories this fall are all the rage! But even in the summer, spring or winter-the perfect unisex hat comes in all variations and colors to your outfit!Sporty, sexy or elegant-the versatile bean you can combine and put colorful accents with many garments: Whether playful, chic or casual, with Beanie affects every style customization!

Today’s beanie hats as we know it, were formerly worn mostly by the male working class and served simply to curb unwanted hair during the activity. Today, the rapid trend has arrived in all age groups and sections of the population and the casual borne Beanie excited long gone only skater friends and hip-hop fans, but has established itself as an integral part of young fashion! The beanie is now found on large billboards, in trendy showcase stores and on the minds of great movie stars. Currently Beanie Caps and Beanies Bobble are announced in knitted look and there are, for example, online at hutx.deto buy. The warm companion be taken this season as must-haves in accessories Palette!

Beanie Variations For Any Look!

So-called Slouch Beanies are “loose” fitting caps, which are popular especially among young people as a trend accessory!The extended form of the cap also called “Long-Beanie”, these can be worn on the head variable, which is usually placed deep into the forehead with the company logo to the front. Beanies are mainly made of cotton, fleece or stretch material and are very weather resistant. In addition, the email attendants are cozy, warm and give your outfit that extra touch. Whether for guys or gals-the beanies come in all colors and shapes for every occasion!

The propeller beanies are a playful and funny variation of this Mützenart and are usually worn by children. It already reveals the unusual name that actually a propeller is a highlight in the center of the head. Beanies can also for sporting purposes, such as for example, worn in winter sports and sitting on the contrary to the Slough Beanies closer to the head. If you’re an avid snowboarder, you can make a good impression with the sporting Beanie variant on the slopes! The comfortable caps are suitable for any hair length and head shape. Annoying styling and bad hair Days belong to you for the past.Unfavorable Hair margins can be masked quickly with the hat look!