Beauty: Jefferson Kulig

Jefferson Kulig presented their bets for summer 2013 at the latest edition of Swill Paulo Fashion Week. And, as always, leave your mark. He made the more minimalist fashion show this season and launched the technological fabrics to create various asymmetrical cutouts, leaving out the yourdesign characteristic. In the midst of cold tones, which put up sandals, Kulig merged pink strips, to give up. The beauty was under the commands of the tops Mario New, in her hair, and Cayo Lanza, in make. The duo is from Studio W.

The beauty represented the simplicity that summer asks. Hair brushed, parties aside, loose and behind the ear, with the focus to the face. Spray was applied only in front to avoid frizz. Cayo Lanza received us backstage with sympathy and using your faithful companion: the brush cartridge full of fun according to whitehallmakeup.

He told us that your proposal was playing a romantic woman. “I have prepared a natural skin with the completion of the air brush, giving thin, almost transparent coverage”. Then the beauty artist applied concealer in red spots and also below the eyes. The make sparkling was the brightness of the line Extend in Dimension, the Mac, in the face. “If you focus on the brightness only in one place, don’t give the romantic air. We must spread subtly”, he warns. It was just that in the skin, which has no blush or eyeshadow. The black mask was applied only in the upper lashes. “I just messed the lashes, not to give information of thickness, volume or length of wire”. On the lips, just a nude lip gloss with slight cintilância.

The make was amazing! And as the nudes are still in evidence, the expert to use this proposal is just load a little longer in the glare, making use of the correct brush, which is the optical fiber. With it you ensures a transparent effect, very thin and natural. “When we use this brush have ease of showing the intensity of the effect and go by applying gradually. Run of the common hair brushes and sponges. They give that loaded, where the brightness is very focused, “she concludes. Did you learn?