Bedroom Decoration for Children

Decorating a bedroom for children, or for three, with sexes and different ages is a challenge. According to the architect Anderson Schmidt, first of all, you need to understand each of the children and meet their behaviors and preferences.

Bedroom Decoration for Children

“In these cases we work the colors and textures, using personal objects of each as decor and bedding for the environment to be divided visually,” he says.

A tip of the architect Marcos Santos Oliveira is to place two single beds, one on each side of the room, and decorate each side with the favorite colors of the children, as pink on her side and blue on his side, for example.

“If you do not want to paint the walls, it is possible to purchase beds with custom headboards for him and her,” he warns.

“Working with different heights of beds is also a solution for separating the two worlds,” says Schmidt. He believes that understanding each child, it is possible to integrate harmoniously the only space using techniques of design and construction, such as joinery, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Donya recommends keeping the walls in neutral tones and abuse of accessories and decoration. If the space is small, you can put a bunk and invest in accessories and shelves with his and her separate objects.

“It is also interesting to daring in bed for him and her. The important thing is that, even rooming, the brothers manage to maintain your individuality and portraying, in that space, your personality and what they like, “concludes the architect.