Benefits of Using Chandelier

The chandelier is a light tendency. It was much used in the old days at the time of the Kings. However, in the era of the XXI century, the chandelier is still topical. So why buy a chandelier?

Benefits of Using Chandelier

The chandelier: real element of decoration

The chandelier is an original fixture. His old concept but which is renewed all the time gives an absolutely stunning decorative property. The frame of a chandelier often presents itself as a candlestick with candle holder. It is true that at the time, the chandelier was a candle lighting fixture. But today, this type of fixture is used mainly decoration. Have a chandelier is to opt for the chic and magnificence. In 2016, while the chandeliers still exist, they do have these kinds of candle holders. However, their structure remains the same. Articulated arms, in the shape of rounded arches, ending with a nerve to the bulb, replace older models. The design of the candlestick of the era is preserved!

Chandelier, or considered a suspension design, can also be accompanied by Crystal pendants. The tassels are small geometrical ornaments: cylindrical bead shape, Prism, tetrahedron, Crystal Bohemia for the most chic, or junk for the less elaborate crystal. All Crystal pendants is also an important part at the chandeliers. Indeed, this luminaire is deemed to have Crystal pellets that sparkle every Interior. This type of chandelier is so characteristic of the former fixtures: a chandelier chandelier with Crystal tassels.

Design ceiling light chandelier is more modern. Indeed, it does look like quite the Renaissance chandeliers. These models of luminaires are made up of more recent as materials: chrome, glass, concrete but also stainless steel and copper. The design chandelier has a new skin leaving candlestick type frame to become a chandelier contemporary with a design that fits with the time. Therefore, it is possible to find a chandelier with original and abstract geometric forms.

Chandeliers are so well alone decoration elements. Indeed, having a former majestic chandelier or contemporary, this allows to impress his guests or neighbours leaving them mouth gaping!

So, buy a chandelier, means contribute to optimize its interior decoration.

Luster: A design lighting fixture

Even if the chandelier is in these recent times, a principal decoration element, it is no less a luminary.

A luminaire is a lighting fixture. Without him, you will be immersed in the dark as soon as night falls. It is therefore necessary to have several appliances in your home.
So why choose a chandelier?

The chandelier is a large ceiling lamp that hangs. Often adjustable in height (to assimilate at the height of the ceiling), the chandelier gives a light evenly and optimal. All the models of chandeliers do spread the light around your room. This is due to its frame which is usually circular in shape.

The chandelier fits all types of lighting! Indeed, for a vintage effect, you can always opt for incandescent light bulbs with filaments of type Edison.This kind of bulbs consume a lot of electricity, but provide a pleasant sensation of well-being thanks to a warm, soothing light.

The chandelier is also innovates! Alternatively, you can take LED bulbs!Most chandeliers use nerve E14 bulbs. Simply find the correct bulb size and you can operate your fixture. This will bring design and modern lighting. In addition, LED bulbs are the best in the market. They consume almost no electricity and are an excellent investment over the long term.

Buy a chandelier is equivalent to invest in your lighting for many years.

The chandelier fits all!

This isn’t just a baroque camera to illuminate your main room. Indeed, the chandelier comes in several forms, under several styles and can be applied in all parts!

It is true that a chandelier, lighting majestic and Grand, is often used to illuminate a room: your main room. Think again! There is no such thing as the living room chandelier! It is a light fixture that can be placed in any room of your home.

The kitchen chandelier is to be considered. It is very important to properly illuminate this part of your home with a nice light and allows you to optimize your culinary business. The same goes for the dining room chandelier. It’s an excellent luminaire to harmonise the moments of the meal and feel thanks to a light hanging over the table.

The chandelier room is also interesting. These are more modern chandeliers, with less tassels and articulated arms. On the other hand, it is possible to find shades that allow to filter the light, so don’t dazzle not too you during your rest. The chandelier room is widely used nowadays.

The corridors, entrances, stairs or any other parts neglected, cages can indeed wear a beautiful chandelier. Of course, it doesn’t have to be as big as a living room chandelier. Opt for a small chandelier of about 20 cm in diameter.

Far beyond the parts of your House or apartment, there are a lot of models of chandeliers. Thus, you will find one that will work the most with your interior design?

Choose the style that suits you most! There are industrial chandeliers (see image above) which are dark and copper hues. The use of ochre metal just gives them this “industrial” design, which was widely used in factories during the industrial revolution. Today, this style is again fashionable.Industrial chandelier will give charm and nostalgia at all inside.

There are also chandeliers crossover. These are luminaires that combine both styles. This type of chandelier is designed from recent and modern materials (stainless steel, LED…), however, the design remains relatively baroque: with articulated arms, tassels of Crystal, Lampshade, and candlesticks.

In conclusion: Why choose a chandelier? It’s a great piece of furniture. It will be the focus of your interior, which will impress whoever puts eyes on it. It is also a perfect lighting that illuminates evenly each room of your home. Finally, it adapts to all tastes: for lovers of vintage, Baroque or younger with a sleek, modern and even futuristic.

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