Berkey Water Purifiers Reviews

The SPORT Berkey® gourd

Portable gourd with a mini purifier filter. Ideal during training courses or workshops, for sportsmen, hikers, the paths of Compostela, scouts, campers, …

Fill your gourd with clear water to the river or a stream

And continue your walk … without bisphenol A.

The GO Berkey® kit

Ultra-portable gravity water purifier in a bag specially adapted for hiking, camping, traveling abroad.

Includes a gourd, a GO Berkey with 1 Black Berkey filter

An autonomy of 11350 liters and a carrying bag.

The TRAVEL Berkey®

Gravity transportable water purifier. According to itypeauto, it is ideal for camping, travel or for mobile use (hotels and apartments).

The Travel folds and occupies a limited space for transport.

It is very suitable with the glass valve for elderly or isolated people who can no longer carry water packs (very simple to use).

Solutions For Families Or Groups

The BIG Berkey®

The most popular model, ideal for home use

For 2 to 4 people. Ideal also for caravan or motorhome, camping and scouting.

The ROYAL Berkey®

The ideal model for a family of 4 to 6 people. The best value for money! Produces drinking water but also uses water for cooking, for your animals or for personal hygiene.

The IMPERIAL Berkey®

The ideal model for groups, small communities, organic shops and the Horeca. Easily replaces water fountains for rent in SMEs, quite expensive, and requiring a large storage of cans.


The ideal model for  businesses, seminars, associations, barracks, humanitarian organizations … used by UNICEF and the Red Cross to areas of natural and humanitarian disasters. Can supply water quickly and in quantity.

Your filter is a purchase that will last 10 years.

The choice of your purifier will depend on certain information:

How many people in the family will use purified water (adults-children).

Do you use purified water to wash vegetables, cook them or water your pets?

This will help us to advise you on the choice of size and number of filters.