Best Fabric for Kitchen Aprons

Choose your Internet kitchen apron and his material is sometimes complicated because the price differences are visible but not necessarily the quality difference. Manelli therefore propose this article to help you in your choice!

Which material and for what use

In the market for cooking aprons, two types of materials are available:

  • Cooking apron 100% cotton:

The arrival of breathable apron

To overcome the many sweating problems in the furnace kitchens, manufacturers like Bragard Manelli or innovate. The jackets breathable kitchens with honeycomb in the back, under the arms or sides favor the respiration of the jacket and prevent an embarrassing perspiration. The many short-sleeve jackets also allow increased comfort.


If you work in a kitchen where the heat is very present, choose a jacket with honeycomb and short sleeves if you can. If you are sensitive to synthetic materials, 100% cotton is perfect. Remember that if you maintain your cooking jackets is an ordeal, opt for Poly, fast drying and ironing optional.

Cooking Aprons Personalized

So many rough edges-but where to put it?

After some back and forth my decision was made ​​on a self-made Cooking Apron.

After my visit yesterday to the cake and Handarbeitsmessse in Wels my motivation just is in full swing and that needs to be used.

I had an image in my head and I just had to start to trim the parts and play with color combinations. At the end a look that I liked quite well developed.

First, I made the ruffles of light fabric. Since I had to make some because they fold through the so ever ruffles arise, some will be forfeited at length of the fabric.

Then I stitched all my trimmed pieces of fabric and sewed together piece by piece.
First, I have the lower part of the cooking apron made ​​ready and checked first, if they are as not better like that.

But I do in the kitchen often galley a little mess, a shell can not definitely damage… So on it goes…
The shell I had then only include the frills and also sewn to the ribbon for tying.

When the shell was finished, bothered me that it protrudes slightly, so I have it stitched on the chest a little, so that it abuts closely.

Since I unfortunately do not have a pattern for an apron and have it happening sewn even by eye, I can only recommend you to do the same … I had also sometimes again and repeat unravel a seam.