Best Light for Baby Room

Historically, the pilot has a long history. It was either a skylight, lit, for long gatherings, or a lamp oil, set low, placed in the children’s room to reassure them. Even today, many children sleep with a night light.

The pilot, an indispensable ally

A useful accessory

Opinions are mixed on the need for a Nightlight in the first months of life. Indeed, the baby is not afraid of the dark.However, the pilot is useful for improving sleep disorders: a child of less than 6 months has sleep cycles fragile and quickly disturbed because of the immaturity of his brain function. Install a night light in his room is then to establish conditions favourable to a better natural sleep. Little by little, she attends a progressive integration of biological rhythms night.

Anxieties, fears, monsters and company!

Fear of the dark is characteristic of children under the age of 2 years: its cognitive system has developed and introduced the notion of fear. The concept is new to him and relatively scary. In the middle of the night, anxiety attacks awaken the child, lost and frightened in his bed, in his dark room which it distinguished more contours. And the tears and screams are the expression of a terrible panic. A night light installed by his side is a reassuring answer: it allows him to achieve familiarity of its environment, and reassured, go back to sleep.

Different night lights

There are many lights on the market. Intended for the little girls or boys, colourful or sober, simple or with multiple features… All pilots provide a soft and subdued light according to technology-wiki. The intensity is adjustable. The duration is programmable using a timer (10, 20, or 30 minutes). Some pilots are musical: they offer a variety of music sweet, generally from the classical repertoire. There are also cylindrical nightlights or in the form of balls which, projecting their light, create characters on the ceiling or on the wall. With success, a calming effect associated with a melody, promotes sleep of the child.

In a nomadic spirit, the growing child uses his night light alone, to go to the bathroom. They are like a lantern or in the form of plush, which turns a simple pressure. Other pilots simulate dawn.