Best Lures for Catching Squid


David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store.

Today we bring you the most effective and sold squid eging lures of the moment.Follow the links for more information!

Low Crawfish Squid For Boating Kayak

Discover the Low Craft Squid for Craft or Kayak.

Based on our experience in squid fishing in Ibiza from boat we have decided to replicate one of our best basses for fishing calamares and that better results do not give.

With gear and lures from you will increase your catches of squid and cuttlefish. Efficacy 100% tested and proven.

Materials used in its manufacture:

– 3 fish Yamashita kc1 Oppai Sutte 7 cm – “Read Head”

– Included lead of 80 gr

– Monofilamente madre: Yuki Invisible 0.30 mm

– Made under 100% without knots in the mother line

– Pearls glued with Tubertini and double competition pearl of transparent color and high resistance that favors the mobility of the lures

– Free Shipping Free Shipping

– Personalized attention on shipments

– If you want us to make a custom bass with the thread or lures of your choice do not hesitate to contact us.

Dtd Full Flash Glavoc

The Full Flash Glavoc jibionera made by the European company DTD is made of silicone and its transparent color changes when entering the water to become luminous. With a soft texture and very fine in its body is simulated the presence of scales so it is perfect for fishing cuttlefish and squid.

The finishes are of high quality and have a realistic behavior in the water. They have a weight of 10.2 grams and a length of 7 cm. The sinking speed is 6-5 seconds per meter.

Low Mounted Yamashita Oppai Sutte Hako Ika Set 7-2 Ev3d

We present you one of the most effective calamari basses according to our clients.

It is a Yamashita rig mounted and ready to fish squid made up of 3 Oppai Sutte lures of different colors highly effective and with an excellent nailing power thanks to its double crown.

Squid Jig Ultra Laser

If you are looking for a different jibionera the  Squid Jig Ultra Laser comes with large eyes, double stainless steel cornice and a super bright decoration that emits sparkles that will attract the most distant squid.

It can be distinguished even the gills and comes equipped with a pair of fins in black. With the new Yo-Zuri  Squid Jig Ultra Laser potato you will benefit your fishing trips thanks to its high effectiveness.

Camor Lures Totamara Sumizoko

Camiborera Camor Lures Totamara Sumizoko available in 6 different colors with very realistic finishes.

Misaki Bull 2-80

Spectacular and innovative Masaki Bull 2-80 8cm jibionera and super-sharp double crown filled with liquid gel that gives it a spectacular appearance.Tremendously effective for  squid and sepia fishing.

Yo-Zury Ultra Cloth Sss

The Yo-Zury Ultra Cloth SSS Jibionera is a lure with a long trajectory as a star in the fishing of cuttlefish and squid.

He has redesigned his appearance with new luminous details on the fabric, which comes with a variety of vibrant colors that change slightly under the influence of water and sun, while his eyes and belly are totally luminescent  both in the white version and In the rose.

On the other hand, the Yo-Zuri Ultra Cloth Jibionera has an M-shaped U-shapedarmature made in Japan that is extremely efficient in boat and coast fishing.