Best Mascara 2016 for Length and Volume

Volumizing lashes to the maximum, thick and long? Discover the best of 2016 mascara.

Best Mascara 2016 for Length and Volume

Who does not want thick eyelashes and deployed? The luckiest girls, those who have long and thick eyelashes naturally, they will not have trouble finding the perfect mascara because the final effect will always be very intense and glamorous. Most people, however, has normal cilia and, sometimes, also quite short and thin. No worries though, just use the right mascara to have a look the type false eyelashes and with the proposals of the latest generation are spoiled for choice (for optimal effect by also try the primer for eyelashes).

Let’s see what are the best mascara to eyelashes XL absolutely trendy.

  • Essence Mascara Volume Forbidden
    News 2016. It is a very volumizing mascara, made ​​with a brush made ​​of synthetic fibers and enriched with lengthening fibers.The texture is rich and full-bodied and witha few applications gives one volumised look, with more black and thick eyelashes.
  • Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir
    A rich formula and creamy with a velvety texture.It is the new mascara signed Marc Jacobs and proposed by the brand during the Spring 2016. The brush, made ​​of synthetic bristles, it has an hourglass shape that helps to capture all the lengthening lashes and giving an instant volume effect . The texture is enriched with stretching synthetic fibers. The color is a nice deep black.
  • Maybelline Push Up Drama
    is characterized by a fairly thin brush, made ​​with silicone bristles in the shape of C, perfect for capturing the eyelashes from the base by distributing the full-bodied texture evenly.It is a mascara extremely volumizing and lengthening, captures even the finest lashes districandole in a beautiful fan effect.
  • Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara
    Featuring a brush thin and flexible, the new Elizabeth Arden mascara gives a volumizing effect of lashes and arched with very few applications. The formula is also enriched with precious ingredients that take care of the eyelashes like a real beauty treatment. We are in fact derived from the Olive nourishing, antioxidant vitamins and a special complex of restructuring peptides. The brush also has tiny teeth on the tip, very useful to capture even the most short and thin eyelashes.
  • Mascara Smashbox X Rated
    Not given for the timid!The new Smashbox mascara is perfect for those who want a really dramatic and intense fake eyelashes effect.The texture is dense but easy to implement. The brush, medium-sized, ensures volume and length in seconds. It is a modular product that allows you to amplify the volume effect, application after application. Once dry, it lasts until evening, although it is not waterproof.
  • MAC Haute & Naughty Black
    is black mascara new limited edition collection MAC Brooke Candy.It is a duo mascara, made​​of ultra carbon black pigments for a dramatic and intense look. Thanks to the special duo system, the product gives a natural effect by day or one very intense perfect for the evening.
  • Givenchy Noir Couture Waterproof Volume
    is the waterproof version of the Noir Volume Couture mascara.The product givesvolumizing lashes and intenseat the first application. The color release is optimal and the lashes are coated from root to tip with an intense color, shiny and full-bodied. The formula is moisturizing and enriched with peptides restructuring.
  • Rimmel Volume Wonder’full Colourist
    It is an innovative mascara: over volumizing effect, gives lashes a more intense color and glossy.The formula is enriched with a special complex of semi-permanent pigments “lash tint” that tend todye eyelashes application after application. The result is obtained from the product constantly and tends to fade gradually when not using it anymore.
  • Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara
    Ciglia volumizzate e colorate? Il nuovissimo mascara Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening è proposto in tre diverse colorazioni e presenta un maxi  scovolino che cattura tutte le ciglia con una sola applicazione. Grazie alla minuscole setole in silicone, l’applicazione è facile e immediata, le ciglia sono volumizzate e districate con semplicità. Il prodotto è privo di profumo ed èindicato anche agli occhi più sensibili, delicati e in presenza di lenti a contatto.

A trick to have longer and thicker eyelashes naturally

Apply every evening a few drops of castor oil on the lengths and let sit overnight. The only care is to be taken during application, so that the oil does not enter the eye: it could be annoying. It is an ancient remedy of the grandmother, 100% natural and effective and within a month you will see your eyelashes naturally longer and thicker, shiny and elastic. The Castor Oil, in fact, nourishes and strengthens: you’ll know when you’ll lose less lashesduring the “struccaggio” phase. Seeing is believing!

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