Best Oscar Party Bags

The red carpet at the Oscar ceremony radiates light and glamour, not just movie stars but also spectacular bags party actresses wearing. We want to share some of these gems with you.

Awards Oscar Academy Awards represent the highest honor in the film industry in recognition of the work and effort of actors, directors, writers and other film professionals.

The Oscar ceremony is considered one of the most prestigious in the world and serve as a global showcase for designers of clothes and handbags. It is as a gateway where the candidates parade wearing costumes and accessories that are at the forefront of fashion. For this reason, we have closely watched party bags or clutch and handbags.

Naomi Watts (Bulgari clutch)

You have chosen a simple beat, garment in white by Calvin Klein Collection designer Francisco Costa by. Bag belongs to the collection of handbags clutch Serpente Minaudiére, by Bulgari. It has geometric figures, lines gold on white and black background and closure of SNAKEHEAD.

Jennifer Lawrence (Ferragamo clutch)

He has chosen to wear a garment in orange color of Dior combined with a dazzling bag of fiesta gold Italian Designer Salvatore Ferragamo.

Anne Harhaway (Gucci clutch)

Elegant black party bag made with plexiglass (also known as acrylic glass), in the collection Box Clutch, Gucci. The brightness of the bag stands out the black dress Matt, creating a sober and elegant, ideal combination for the glamorous Oscar night.

Kate Hudson (Party of Versace bag)

Kate bets on an “art-deco” style and a Pearl effect, combining a white dress with a Versace also white bag.

Jennifer Garner (Oscar de la Renta tote bag)

Finished with Swarovski crystals on a fine woven satin White Pearl, Jennifer luce this precious bag of dominicano-estadounidense Designer Óscar de la Renta. It goes perfectly with the dress embroidery because it is from the same designer.

Penélope Cruz (black Ferragamo party bag)

He wears an elegant dress (in the style of Grace Kelly) of the Italian-French designer Giambattista Valli with jewels of Chopard combined with a black Ferragamo bag.

We would like to end this article with the following question: “… and the winning handbag is?…” which one is most like?