Best Protective Motorcycle Pants

For your motorcycle pants, you hesitate between reinforced jeans and leather pants? Today, synthetic fabrics have become more efficient, since the creation of the aramid. Yet, on motorcycle racing circuit, the leather equipment is mandatory. So, what is the best choice? In terms of equipment, the best choice is one that brings you safety and comfort, based on the use of your motorcycle.

We will review the advantages and disadvantages of the jeans reinforced with fibres of aramid, type Amalith or Kevlar inserts. You can also find jeans reinforced Cordura or Kevcor (trademarks). These materials are much better than cotton, resistant even if some models look to be mistaken for jeans in denim canvas. More flexible, synthetic materials allow fantasies and great creativity level of colors and styles. This can be a decisive argument if you are very sensitive to your look, or if you work in an environment where the look is important.

Then we’ll see the pros and cons of leather motorcycle pants.
Some points may also be considered when your buying decision: the length of the legs must be adjustable (so a little longer driving), and the belt should benefit from different settings. If your pants is closed by Velcro® type system, check that you can easily connect it to your jacket.
If you’re a big roller and you wearing three layers of clothing, you might consider a system of closure by suspenders, very practical. If your pants has not provided buttons to attach, it won’t be difficult to sew. The straps have the advantage to hold all your clothes in bulk, unless your back is discovered.

Similarly, if you ride as well on a scooter in motorcycle, should choose a model allowing adjustment of the knee pads, depending on whether you have legs stretched or folded. And especially, it is necessary that the knee pads and other covers fit your anatomy. Think you can drive sometimes leaning forward, sometimes sitting up straight, sometimes slightly backward, or even lying on its side.

Finally, check the width of the lower legs, at the level of the calves. They must be wide enough to allow to easily put on your shoes. A small zipper is welcome. When you try a bike pants, a reinforced jeans or leather pants, you must also be comfortable driving and walking. Crouch, to check if you are not too deep, and test your pants on your motorcycle.
The pockets… should not be overlooked. Airtight and watertight pockets are simply indispensable. Check their size with documents and business you usually take, and if a Pocket allows you to slide your gloves.

Whatever it is, whatever the weather, to ride a motorcycle, you need pants, gloves, a helmet and boots. If you are tempted to ride in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers, a visit to a hospital would soon convince you that the riding is inseparable from appropriate equipment. The budget part made equipment, of itself, of your investment bike. You should also know that security, the ordinary cotton denim jeans is equivalent to city pants: he dresses, and protects nothing.

The choice of a reinforced jeans or leather pants also depends on your driving style. If you like the bike rodeo, or if you’re reckless style, forget the reinforced jeans. Those who lose the use, even temporarily, of their joints, measure the priceless value.
On the other hand, if your conduct is wise, the reinforced jeans can be a good compromise.

Advantages and disadvantages of the reinforced jeans

Prior recommendation: jeans strengthened, or motorcycle jeans, they are fairly generic or commercial, words that cover different realities. Some rugged jeans can be licensed, but for moderate and restricted the bike use. The sur-piquage of a piece of leather can agree to protect the elbows of a tweed jacket, but how such a piece would be useful for your knees? It is up to you to check online or in the store what precisely they are strengthened: in what matters, and where? Thighs, knees, buttocks, hips, shins, and private parts? That protect exactly lower your body in case of a violent shock? Are the protections rigid or flexible? Both systems have their qualities. A rigid protection protects a shock, but a flexible protection absorbs it better. To help you choose, think about boxing gloves: strong and firm, but still flexible, to not cause a too violent shock.

Like motorcycle leather pants, reinforced jeans can be equipped with knee pads and protection for the hips, removable. You have the choice between protections rigid, semirigid, foam of high density or viscoelastic. Despite their name, these are not slimy, but rather mushy, and especially elastic. They are flexible, thin, and so discreet. Removable protection allow your motorcycle pants to be more discreet, as long as you don’t forget to put back them.

The first advantage of strengthened against the leather pants motorcycle jeans, is its cost. It is located in the middle of the jeans cut to the latest fashion. It has a good resistance to abrasion if slide, and resistant to breaking. The goal of the manufacturers is to prevent your pants to tear, so that your skin, in case of accident, is not grated on the asphalt or gravel, and don’t produce bikers together are called a ‘pizza ‘… This strong image must be kept in mind when making your purchase: to avoid the pizza, think first and foremost security. There are two points to consider: the impact and abrasion. On these points, the verdict is clear: the leather remains the best available material. Although the manufacturers of synthetic fabrics have made significant strides in recent years, there is no up-to-date this material with the high degree of protection of the leather. A few millimeters can make the difference. More leather is thick, more it protects you.Falls in the city are often less severe than the falls road, because the speed is not the same. For this reason, OEMs have developed these alternative pants made of synthetic fabric.
If you choose a full double reinforced jeans, he will gain in security, but will lose flexibility, and will be warmer. You see, the purchase of a motorcycle pants is always a matter of compromise.
Motorcycle jeans strengthened is one-size-fits-all pants, which is easily in the city or at work, once you remove your helmet and your jacket. Some models offer some panels in different, more or less resistant, fiber according to the area to protect.
A disadvantages of reinforced motorcycle jeans, is that it is pretty rough at the level of the popliteal fold (the inside of the knee), which can warm up in the summer during a long ride.
It is not waterproof. And even if it is waterproof, this layer will disappear relatively quickly, forcing you to bring out your overcoat rain. There are however some waterproof models, with an outer skin and inner membrane treated to evacuate the rain. These models are also made in fabric breathable. In return, the lining is less gentle to the touch than cotton, and their price places them in the high-end.
Finally, its hulls may be less protective than real leather pants. Before buying, check their width, and if they keep well, in the case of torsion of the pants.

Advantages and disadvantages of the leather pants

The benefits of the leather pants are passive protection, and durability.
The disadvantages of the leather pants, it’s that it belongs really to the world of motorbikes, with its shells and its technical inserts. He’ll never pass for pants every day. But anyway, it is not intended for that. It is more warm than a strengthened jeans, and is difficult in some workplaces.

Reinforced jeans or leather pants? Our conclusion!

For the cost, the reinforced jeans wins initially, because it is less expensive to buy. But as the leather pants is virtually indestructible, the latter prevails over a long period.
For weight, reinforced jeans weighs less than a kilo, and overrides the more heavy leather.
For the longevity of the garment, leather pants prevails. You will keep your leather over pants easily ten years. Jeans reinforced by aramid more ages site, at least in appearance, because this material is sensitive to UV and moisture. If you slip, reinforced jeans will be rarely reusable, unlike leather pants, long accompanying your motorcycle adventures.

For aesthetics, the leather pants stands well early, but eventually poach to knees and pelvis. On the side of the reinforced jeans, you have the choice between many models very trendy, with a slim, buggy, or a classic straight cut. The tones and styles can be black, dark blue, faded, vintage, or flashy, and agree to work with your shirt or blouse. But we saw, its coating finish by tarnish, without losing its anti-abrasion qualities.

To your body temperature, the reinforced jeans prevails in summer and shoulder seasons. It keeps warm, but less than a motorcycle leather pants. However, for effective protection, we should choose a fully double model, so relatively warm. If you are very sensitive to perspiration, take this into account when making your purchase. Synthetic fabric clothing and breathing are light, and generally well ventilated. Some have mesh (meshes) which allow to drive your motorcycle with freshness provided by speed, without excessive sweating.
For practicality and versatility, the reinforced jeans wins the hand. He easily marry with your look week or weekend. If you work in an office or a store, the reinforced jeans will be discreet. It is easy care, washable by hand or machine in low temperature. On the other hand, if you work outdoors, the leather pants keeps its assets.
Security, to take account of your movement speed. For short trips in the city, reinforced jeans competes well enough with the leather pants on… up to 50 km / h. beyond, as attested by the road safety demonstrations, some tissues become lint… While the leather pants keeps its integrity.
So the reinforced jeans can be perfect for urban journeys by bike or scooter. But if you ride faster, leather wins, since it offers a maximum level of security in case of a slip.

In conclusion, if you only ride in town, you can choose a reinforced jeans. Its hulls and reinforcements will provide good protection, hidden under a city look.
If you drive on the road, and if you drive in winter, the leather pants wins at maintaining heat, and passive protection level.
If your budget allows you to buy one of the two styles of pants, leather motorcycle pants would be the best choice. He would become, as a result, the most versatile.