Best Tea Travel Mug

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Our site torrent meet joe black I don’t know about you, but I drink about five cups of tea every day: one at breakfast, one in the morning, one early afternoon, another about 5 p.m. and finally one in the evening (I drink oolong, of the rooibos, or an infusion, otherwise impossible to sleep!). Sometimes I drink it one around 6:30, it depends on my work day. This is the required daily dose otherwise I grumble! ^^ so, Yes, I swear! It is pretty crazy besides 🙂

Our site impact of dating sites I often have to travel to various appointments. So I quickly opted for an insulated mug. I was taking it regularly even among my customers 🙂 The problem is that I bought a small insulated mugs cheap and not really effective. The last kept the tea hot 30 minutes, no more.

Published meeting Having a soft spot for the Bodum brand, I spotted for a long time they proposed insulated mugs. I also bought one for my grand mother when she was in a nursing home. We could thus prepare him his favorite teas rather than make him drink the infamous drinks of the Distributor. I had the opportunity to see how this travel mug was effective. He kept the infusion of hot Granny a good time, it was quite impressive.

Casino good meeting catalog visit Mr Darling, who I’m talking about this mug a hundred times, eventually afford it (Oh yes, by the way, look no further than the ideal man, I found it and I caught him ^ ^). Since then, whenever I go on a date or even just on the go, my travel mug following me.

Yaoundé Cameroon visit meetings I tested it as well for hot tea for iced teas. I submitted it to a few experiences this summer (!) I have prepared some iced tea, I added ice cubes before leaving. I left the mug in my car, it was a day where it was really very hot, and more than an hour and a half after the departure of home, tea was still frozen. He remained cool even a good time, at least two hours. The top!

Our site meeting maromme he even accompanied me to the beach. We have become inseparable :)) brief, if you are looking for a travel mug effective, you know which one to choose!