Bicycle Hat and Test 2016

The bike hat enjoys in recent years become increasingly popular. Long ago the head warmers are no longer considered pure helmet accessories for winter. Even in summer, wear ever more German cycling caps. Thus, the bicycle cap has various features that go beyond the insulating properties too. Because they can also serve as protection against sunshine popping or even as a mere fashion accessories.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of bicycle cap comes naturally mainly in winter to wear. For die-hard bikers ride even in frost and freezing cold to work. Here the protective helmet can often be a burden, because usually have the head guards holes on the side or above, which can be the annoying wind through. Our compact guide tells you why you so definitely need a bicycle cap however, telling you all more important around material, design and fit:

1. Why do I need a bicycle cap?

Basically, a cap, which is specially designed for cyclists, more expensive than a normal, thick wool hat for the cold season. A question, therefore, to ask yourself if possible, is: Why not just drag an ordinary winter cap under the helmet? The answer is simple: because this compromises the safety enormously. As the General German Bicycle Club, also briefly ADFC warns repeatedly, the risk increases enormously that your helmet stays in place. This can have very serious consequences, especially in a fall. Because bicycle helmets are generally designed so that they protect your head as possible when it is stuck on your head. he Perched hand loosely on his head, he slips often quickly in de neck. Fallen then. With your bike on the asphalt, it is very likely that you will injure her spine

Our advice therefore: Never pull a thick winter hat under your helmet, your personal safety for the sake! See for bike bar ends.

Self zuzulegen bicycle cap, so makes sense. For the specialist stand out not only as an excellent protection against the cold in freezing temperatures. They also function as Windstopper, so keep the usually much more unpleasant wind well from your face and your ears away. So if you wear a bicycle cap under your helmet, you get the following things:

  • Pleasant warmth despite helmet even at low temperatures
  • “Windstopper” by integrated wind protection on the front side
  • High breathability

Forget, however, never to wear your helmet over his cap. For a bicycle cap Although much can: protect your head during a fall, but is definitely not!

2. The fit

Depending on the model and type you can wear all our hats well hidden under the helmet. Orient yourself in the fit to the standard cap sizes and test when in doubt, the cap first before you decide to buy. It is best to take this with even your helmet and try the same from with how the respective cap feels under the helmet. A small problem here have glasses that never use contact lenses. Especially in winter, you do not really know what to do with the temples: Under the cap or maybe it? Some models, especially by Gore here the solution to have found. They have many caps provided with practical strap slots into which you can easily slide your goggles strap into. Thus the wind stays outside and also on the ears is from nothing.

In addition, the inside of the head warmers are often provided with fleece, which on one hand increases the wearing comfort enormously and on the other hand also positively contributes to retain the heat in the cap. For warm ears thus ensured.

3. Material and Design

The fashion world plays in Germany so often crazy. Time that is a very trendy and a year later at once the complete opposite. Of unfazed seen in recent years, the bicycle cap. Untouched by any fashion trend produced the manufacturers usually simple and workable head warmer. Here, the course is just our personal opinion, because tastes are notoriously different. Of course, there are also exceptions to the rule: But in the end, the simplicity of the caps is also capable. Because under the helmet you do not see the design anyway. So why verkünsteln?

As for the material of the bicycle caps, it behaved for years as the design. Little change. For years, the Earmuffs polyester were produced, often mixed with a small percentage of elastane. Done. But the last few years is a bit “fresh wind” into the landscape of the bicycle cap. Manufacturers like giro mix the usual polyester content increasingly with merino wool, which is fashionable considerably more appealing than the polyester-spandex concoctions. The main features have been maintained here:

  • A high breathability and
  • a rapid drying.

Especially after rain, as you so often times unexpectedly down patter in autumn or spring, these properties are very important.

Above mentioned bracket slots or complicated foldable earmuffs also show that something is changing in the cap landscape. Therefore, we remain positive curious what still so gives us the ingenuity of manufacturers in the coming months and years.

4. Conclusion: A bicycle cap worthwhile, even in summer!

So we draw a conclusion, we can say that the purchase of a bicycle cap is just for hardcore winter bikers definitely worthwhile: It ensures through its conception that the helmet despite additional wind and cold protection does not move, which comes to safety is hugely important. But not only in winter but also in summer can be a bicycle cap very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the increasingly built-up fleece parts in the cap to the comfort of the helmet increases by a multiple. And just for sun sensitive bikers and bikers offers bicycle cap an additional sunscreen.

Given all these advantages: Why wait? Read through our tested models and nominate your personal winner. The matching guide to topic bicycle helmets, see the way here, just a click away.