Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful “Powerful” Range

Recently, this limited palette by Bobbi Brown with me has arrived. Thanks to a voucher, I didn’t get it at the normal price (€60) and am very glad now to keep them, because I think it’s really great in the hands!

Long story short – I have for you swatches of course:

“Navajo” (eye shadow):a dull, slightly creamy white (I think “Eggshell” would be a perfectly good description). Super to priming, but also for highlighting, if you like matt like this.
“Rose Gold” (shimmer wash eye shadow):a warm, bright gold tone with light Rosé ceremony coming out quite well in the light (acts Pinker in the range, it is applied then but really rather cute). The shimmering variant for E.g. the crease – almost the night version for “Burnished Rose” selling on MAKEUPNECESSITIES.
“Burnished Rose” (eye shadow):a matter, lighter brown tone acts nudefarben with light Rosé tint applied slightly darker and more. A neutral color to accentuate, for example in the crease. Very nice for nude makeup.
“Chocolate Caviar” (eye shadow):a dull, very dark brown – already almost black (you can see the Brown but still slightly). Rather what for eyelid strokes, but also good to darken the two “eyelid wrinkles-colors” (this one must be really careful, because the color is really highly pigmented!).

“Plum” (blush):an almost completely matte blush with very, very little shimmer particles (which almost didn’t notice). The color varies from dusky pink and a bright, strong features plum tone.

“Pink pudding” (shimmer lip gloss):a pink, pretty sheerer gloss with a pink shimmer.
“Pink Bouquet” (glitter lip gloss):a Rosé, also quite sheerer gloss with pink shimmer and silver, fine glitter.
“Powerful pink” (lip color):an opaque plum tone with light pink stitch, which is the highlight of the range for me.

I find the range all in one very successful.
The only what me (as unfortunately so often in Bobbi’s palettes) interfere with, is that once again No brush it is. Is it because so much effort to put a small brush at a price of 60,-€? It is also a pity that just the lip colors are not again extra covered. That the powder products involved are, of course, always something in the creamy products can crumble – that’s less good. But if you are careful, you can avoid that well.

There are of course again permanent colors in the palette, but are also limited, new colors. As far as I properly recognize the following colours are limited:

  • “Burnished Rose” (eye shadow)
    • “Chocolate Caviar” (eye shadow)
    • “Pink pudding” (shimmer lip gloss)
    • “Powerful pink” (lip color)

All other colors should be available in the normal range.

I am very satisfied with the eye shadow, that are really well pigmented. Today again I brought which → “Bobbi’s beauty rules range” worked and have to say that I’m not that happy with two of four Eyeshadows (color barely opaque, glitter flies extremely!). Here I can say but in good conscience, that the colors are great. Super color delivery, beautiful effect. Especially the dull colors are great.

The Blushfarbe is also very nice – I’m sure that I will enjoy it – but I know not quite like I should take them out of the range without to dust everything up (I have already mentioned the problem). At a pinch you can work with your fingers, but since the result can be quite quickly spotted and above all far too strong… Let’s see how I can do that.

Lip colors I fell directly into “powerful pink” – the color was also the reason why I myself for the “powerful palette” and not the lighter variant, the “pretty palette”, have decided. The gloss are also very pretty and very well suited for a discreet make-up. I find very pretty especially “pink pudding” because of the light, but the glitter in “Pink Bouquet” is so subtle that even this gloss is quite suitable for the day.

I think you can see that I am very satisfied and gladly recommend this range.

For I am a huge fan of pallets, especially, if any product it is. It saves a little space, if you have to carry everything and is so a range E.g. for a weekend class, because some of the ways the world has also thanks to the color picker.

Who now also like to one of the two”pretty powerful”pallets would have, among other things here can buy these:
• Douglas online
• Pieper online
• in all stores where there are Bobbi Brown