Bomber Jacket-9 Looks For You To Wear Your Jacket

The bomber jackets were inspired by the coats of airline pilots of the first world war, at the time they served as wind protection because the cabins of the planes be opened. In the years 80 they began to earn your fashion space, making the biggest success in the film Top Gun, and have never been as high as today–if becoming fundamental piece to assemble looks fashionistas.

This piece has been gaining more and more space in the productions of fashion, just watch in the collections presented in the SPFW, she appeared in nearly all the shows. Separated 9 looks good for you inspiration in this play and compose incredible productions, check:

Bomber Jacket-Inspirations Of Street Style:

Perfect mix between sport and ladylike-stay current and stylish production with the mixture of styles, prints and textures, worthy of a fashionista.

With jeans – this is the easiest way to use the piece. The bomber of an up to visual basic.

The oversized version, that is, greater than the body is one of the variants of the jacket. Combines it with pants dry is always a sure-fire option.

With results in a balanced production not very feminine.

All pale! The delicacy of lace skirt fit perfect with the white bomber. Yellow-toned accessories stand out in the measure.

How about joining 2 fashion boom in one piece? Bomber jacket with Metallic sequins+oversized! That’s right, the darling of time are the oversized sized metallic, shiny fabric or be all in sequins are making the biggest success.

Want to give a touch of fashion to the basic short dress? Overlap a bomber jacket oversized and a powerful footwear.

If the idea is to take some of the seriousness of the visual, as this look above that is too obvious: Pinstripe Pants and a white shirt, bet on the bomber to give fashion touch to prodú.

Here’s another option to look for winter: overlap with jacket and hat.