Bomber Jacket: Familiar Look, New Cut

I can remember very well when there was last winter at H & M real cool coats, bomber jackets-style. One black and one green.

More than once I have tried on the coat, every time, when I’ve looked past in a H & M store.When the items in the sale were, had I bought almost she, was but reasonable, because I had can wear just open the bomber jacket.

A colleague of mine always says: a jacket need not to go! She must fit at the shoulders and that’s it!” I can see that really different… a jacket must can be connected even if she then something close. The opportunity must be, that I can close it.

All the more I am pleased me, as this piece of jewellery is now surfaced in the current collection for Bon Prix:

Bomber jackets and all kinds of it (so College jackets, souvenir jackets, knitted sweat, jacket, etc.) were this year a big issue – at least for me. The parts I like totally. So I had to have the bomber jacket not only to overcome the “H & M-trauma”, but because I find really awesome coat!

He has everything, what constitutes a bomber jacket – especially the typical collar and a patch pocket on the sleeve are for the bomber look – is in addition but just long cut, like a coat. I find it extremely handy, because A good keep it warm and not feel drawn to the kidneys, my beloved long-fit jackets fit B and it’s just again something new shirts underneath and C!

With the jacket bomber-jackets style, I’m definitely through the first cold weeks. Well packed and still stylish – I like that!

Come by the autumn and stay untouched before the first cold wave (I have the first cough – a.k.a. deadly man flu – already behind me).