Brand Platinium Baggage

Now with all the panel on the market for rigid suitcase, we can all afford to travel in style! Besides, if you’re looking for hard suitcases that may fit your personality, you can count on Partinium brand. Admittedly, this is a fairly discreet brand yet, his bags are so beautiful. Focus on what the brand offers and alternatives.

Who is Platinum?

His real name is Platinium Bag and us not exaggerate by saying that it is a luxury brand for luggage storage selling on Homosociety. It exists since 1995 and its products are available in several European cities, including France, of course.

The mark in question currently offers several collections on hard case and Platinum line, Travel One and The Beatles are the most famous. However you will find from the brand Platinum Bag of bags that look like you.

In sum, Platinium Bag is a great brand of rigid suitcases and Platinum collection is one of its flagship collections and therefore, you can find your happiness.

A few words about Platinium suitcases

As Platinium really knows his field, it is natural and logical that the brand also knows its customers and that is why you will find hard suitcases for everyone.
Specifically, at Platinium you may suitcase sets polycarbonate shell, ABS shell, PC / ABS shell in Polypropylene shell fabrics and even suitcases (Nylon and Polyester) .

Obviously, in terms of design, the choice is really wide and you can even enable you to acquire hard suitcases patterned in Platinum . If you care about getting a bag of this brand, decide in advance that you are looking for your convenience!

What equivalent models?

Although Platinum is a premium brand, the good news is that the market is quite a player and therefore you will find almost the same quality bags at other brands, just as reliable.
If you are looking strong rigid suitcases and design practices, you will find your happiness in Samsonite, American Tourister in, among Delsey and also in Hauptstadtkoffer.

Besides, you are looking for hard suitcases ABS shell, polypropylene, polycarbonate, recently trademarks can satisfy you. Samsonite even has its own material: Curv!

It is true that rigid suitcases Platinium are reliable, of good quality and unique, but the bags of other brands can also satisfy you. Also, if you really want the bag or set of bags that you like, it is sure you will make great finds at Platinum!