Breasts of Different Sizes and Shapes

It is virtually impossible to have breasts size and / or shape of the same, but the differences are fairly discrete usual for this not because we really complex. But what if our breasts are particularly unbalanced?

Why are my Breasts Different?

We do not always realize it, but almost everything that comes with two on our body is slightly asymmetrical: the nostrils, feet, ears, etc. Yes, we are not robots that are manufactured with a tape measure! In general, these slight asymmetries are harmless, but it can happen that this is not the case…

In adolescence, when our breasts (and other forms) appear, it is very common that they do not grow at the same time. So many girls spend hours in the mirror to compare their strengths. The differences fade in general at the end of adolescence.

However, in some women, it may be that one breast is still larger than the other after the growing season. This is usually the left breast (but not always) that remains substantially larger than the other. It can also “fall” down, and it even happens that the nipples are different and “link” not in the same direction.

These differences in size and shape are not dangerous in themselves and are, mostly, a slight hereditary deformation.

Tips to ‘cheat’

Although the differences between the breasts sometimes generate complex or cause puzzles in the choice of clothes, she is usually pretty minimal for that can be easily corrected using tips:

Use extensible bras and ascend above the junction of the “small” breast: they will look identical!

Buy pillow-bras for small breast, and remove the pad from the other cap… or otherwise! The best way to find out what works best for you is to try it!

Lately, some companies offer swimsuits that “builds” himself by choosing different color caps: you might as well choose hats that fit each of your breasts.

It is possible to make your custom underwear. Explaining your problem to the dressmaker, it should be able to visually correct the problem.

Choose clothing that “camouflage” the difference: peasant blouses, shirts with patterns and prints.

Taming the problem permanently

In some cases, the difference in size and / or shape between the breasts is so small that no easy trick manages to camouflage it. When talking about a difference of more than one cup size, it may become difficult to hide.

Some people therefore choose to take extreme measures: breast surgery. Before undertaking this surgery, make sure however that the problem does not exist in your head! Sometimes it’s easy to focus on a “defect” to the point that we imagine that everyone will notice it. Ask relatives (spouse, friend, sister) to confirm that your breasts are really unbalanced …

If the result of your investigation is “inconclusive”, or if you are particularly complexed, you should consult a health professional. He will advise and direct you on how to proceed. According to the size difference between your breasts (eg, if one is two times larger than the other), it is possible that surgery is covered by medical insurance. By cons, if it is only a matter of a difference “minimal”, it will be considered a cosmetic surgery and thus you have to assume all the costs.

When to worry?

As we have just seen, a size difference between the breasts is not problematic in itself (except for aesthetic reasons) it has existed since the end of adolescence. By cons, if your breasts you have always seemed “normal” and you suddenly notice a significant difference, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find out where it came from (tumor, cyst).