Brief History of the BRA, by Francesc Doors

Continuing with the history of the bra and, after World War II, moment in which we let the previous post, we arrived in the Decade of the 50, a time characterized by the enormous social changes that caused many aesthetic changes that affected the goals and lifestyle.

Speed in communications, information, glamour, cinema or the idealization of actors and actresses in Hollywood, led to great changes that modified consumption habits and what we wanted to be older. This definitely affected based on the seductive bras.

The popularization of the BRA as aesthetic piece focused on seduction that allowed you to look the female figure enhancing bust, led to Howard Hughes. This, commissioned an aeronautical engineer who built a bra that “launched” the chest forward for his favorite actress Jane Russell, who in the movie “the outlaw” this figure’s breasts looked “missiles and emerging”. This new form of the female figure was popularized in the movie “gentlemen prefer blondes”,where Marylin Monroe and Jane Russell wore his body molding. Imitation, like it seems actresses, caused profound changes in the aesthetic fundamentals of the time and as a result, flourished with long boom industry of fasteners. As a result, the next step was the bullet bra fashion: many women wore his pointy chest, embossed under a sweater (sweater-girls).

Support, and as we know it today, was the consequence of the requirement that was in vogue in the outerwear: less shame, more seduction, teach body parts… The invention of carvings and cups. Ida Rosenthal, invents the carvings and the cups. This Russian emigrant, who lives in the us, combining our own experience in the world of fashion and the paper patterns, brought together American women in categories according to the size of the bust, and created a line of bras that enhance the female figure regardless of age, from puberty to adulthood, his great contribution being the identification of the different sizes of bras for sizes and cups with the letters of the alphabet : A, B, C and D. In may, 69, feminists burned Bras to free themselves from the oppression of men and the imprisonment of their Bras ( beatnikmovement). Despite the influence of this social and cultural movement and natural fashion, BRA use eventually became the star of the lingerie. And meanwhile, they occurred moments in which they were hiding or they pretended to have more of what in reality was the cups and inserts.

Almost ending the 20th century, acquired notoriety the functionality of the BRA. From that moment has been very important to work in clothes designed for sport, health or any need. Approaching the user has made to evolve the BRA: seduction, fashion, function, price, need… and therefore, have also evolved settlements and ways of selling. Purchase motivations have to do with the chances of use:
It has purchased a bra and looking for a dress

  • Bought a dress and look for a bra
  • Pregnancy or premenstrual period chest turns and need a comfortable bra
  • Breastfeeding a bra wants to help you.
  • In allergies or skin treatments you want to a hypoallergenic bra
  • Post-operative
  • Sport
  • Etc.

Piece “time of use”. Currently brands working hard to discover the needs of users and therefore, discover new and ingenious ways of BRA, seeking fabrics, new ways of improvement of products who know how to work and giving answers to the changes of habits and lifestyle of women each year. Also changes in shopping habits and the immediate influence of social networks, are forcing profound transformations in the ways of approaching consumers. In addition to the importance of the new virtual forms of bringing the product to the user, each woman seeks the BRA you want. Search the Internet to choose the piece they want, know its price and visualize how you would be is the first step. The second is approaching the lingerie to be sure that the product feels good. For its part, the purchase online continues to evolve, although more than hitting the carving and Cup, the user need a brafitter to make your work and find (pattern, size and Cup) product that fits you like a glove. The figure which indicates that 7 out of 10 women don’t uses carving and the Cup that is still current. The evolution of this garment in these moments, determines it the capacity that have marks for approaching women, with their multiple and different ways of thinking, with their different and multiple times of use or the adaptability of the lingerie store new consumers seeking security in purchase and feel (and see) well with your choice. Emotions may be more than any other consideration, although the selection of the garment and the attention it has received is what makes the difference.