But What Coat of Portage to Choose?

What coat of portage to choose if I no longer carry my child after 6 months?

If you do not want to carry your child after 6 months, you have access to more models of jackets in portage than those who wear large babies and the toddlers. You can wear the models of the brand Pomkin throughout pregnancy and until 6-8 months of your baby. The cape of portage and pregnancy Sara (right) is elegant and modern, even without baby! The pregnancy and portage jacket wool is also cozy and practical, you can use it as well for the first days of autumn for the summer evenings a little fresh.

What coat choose if I carry my baby in sling or that I have twins?

With twins, you have two options; you put one in front and one behind, but in this case there are two inserts on the same coat either you wear both at the same time, sling or bow side.
In both cases, the portage sides, front and back Deluxe jacket cover carried babies and the carrier parent. Its openness for portage back asking no insert, it can be used with a child on the back and on the stomach. It is the only model with a specific insert for porting in sling.

What coat to choose if I want a great modern look without the inserts?

Pour practice who want a coat of portage but want to save their look and especially enjoy their coat long after pregnancy and the portage, the down jacket M-coat has answer to everything! This is our down jacket portage to look more modern and current. The colors are varied, the hood lined with fake fur soft and qualitative. A single insert to be used in one sense for pregnancy and in another for the port, sleeves roll up according to its needs, a wide range of sizes (from 34-36 to 44), she will seduce the fashionistas. Certainly, its price is high, but it is a very beautiful model quality (nice material, thick down, pretty fake fur), made in Canada – a country where we know how to combat the cold!

Another good option for pregnancy women: the elegant portage down jacket.

A portage cape, why not, but is it really hot?

Ah, the hot issue of the heat of the cape… Some will always find that with a cape, even our version down jacket, adorable with her hood down velvet, there are always cold and air currents to the belly. Fortunately, with a child-hot water bottle under the cape we warms, but the better will be for them to use the cape with sweater or jacket fleece, socks and slippers to the baby. The cape in wool of the brand fly is here to destroy prejudice. His Italian wool is quality and incomparable sweetness, very hot, and coupled with a technical fabric that retains heat. The collar goes back to cover the mother’s throat, zippers can be closed around the neck of the baby that he will only miss a good Cap. Unlike other capes, sleeves are bounded by seams in the cape, and with thick sleeves in wool (no drafts on the wrists!). Wear it throughout the pregnancy and after.

Certainly, it is a budget…

Unfortunately the textile sector meet a very simple rule: it’s the quantity of units produced that sets the price. Our selection is made of models produced in small quantities, to the four corners of the world, with quality materials (beautiful wool, duvets, resistant polar), so necessarily at prices higher than the jackets in polyamide and acrylic that is found in the usual stores (not to mention the amount of zips, inserts, tiny hoods and other accessories necessary for a good coat of portage!) and not as accessible as we would. For those who hesitate, we must insist on the possibility of using these coats outside periods of portage, possibly during pregnancy, and so make his purchase. Finally, for small budgets, the Peekaru fleece jacket fits easily under a classic coat and helps keep baby warm. It is a model endangered which fortunately will be replaced in February by a new version.

And Dad in all this?

Carriers dads exist and are many. The model Deluxe front and back is our only totally mixed model with straight cut and neutral colours. Some wonder whether it is possible to buy a single jacket for both parents; It’s quite feasible if you stature and build similar but complicated if there are 20 cm or 20 kilos! There is a little trick, if your expensive and tender has just a few centimeter difference with you but he has a torso or the abdominal (hard or soft!) really bigger than you, there is the possibility of cheating by keeping one or two inserts for portage in sling on the coat.

And you are you a follower of one of our coats of portage? What do you think?