Butterflies Wall Stickers

Theme butterflies attracts mostly people with an eye for beauty, tenderness and fragility. I therefore among the most popular girls’ motives. Additionally, the butterfly is a symbol of transformation – from a small ugly larvae are born beautiful butterfly. It’s a promise that when the time is right, it will be better.

Let’s be honest, bow to all the rooms fit. It is particularly suitable for girls children’s rooms or small rooms teenage girls – as Japan’s butterfly symbol young immature girl who evolves into a woman, showing the world its growing appeal and can attract exterior.

Inspiration with butterfly stickers

However, children’s rooms is not the only place where wall stickers with the motif of flowers and butterflies from wallstickercollection throws – elegantly tunes living room, bedroom and may even welcome guests in the hallway.

As well as a beautiful woman, it can even fly on the wall woo their beauty and grandeur by flapping its wings. Especially when they are flying around blooming flowers. Everyone is in such a presence must feel like Alice in Wonderland.

To his flight they need a lot of space – the same applies to their location. Leave them on the wall space to perfectly show off their graceful curves. Also, do not forget the rule that combine round and square shapes in the interior will not pay off.

Where do you put it at home?

Also not good sticker placed in the visual field – for example, over a television monitor or video. You will unnecessarily distract his attention. Rather, it is enjoying a decent supplement must couches, beds or other dominant elements of the interior.

Top look like flowers with butterflies flying on a contrasting background. If you have light walls, do not be afraid to go into the dark saturated colors (of course, in shades that will fit into the interior). Theme of flowers and butterflies comes from nature. You can keep classic neutral colors, but a mistake I will not make a selection of color shades – for even the nature abounds in all possible colors.

Flowers and butterflies are among the most popular girls’ motives – you bring home a piece of nature, peace and spiritual harmony.


Cut out the sticker by frame to the image (one that you like and fits into your decor). On the wall, stick the excised piece that surrounds. The remaining bit of sticker glue, so that “getting out” of the frame. You’ll build a unique “image”, which will be tailored to your interior.