By Ecru Jacket

With the arrival of cold weather is important terms in a wardrobe for coat model Ecru. Why Ecru? Because with ease makes coordinated with different tones without compromising and just fashion.

On the blog there are wide coat bases, semi-larga and fair in various sizes, in this case must use the base. After printing the mold base make the transformation to the image and model the gradation to your size.

Coat Of Ecru Step-By-Step Mould

On a sheet draw semi-larga of base coat on front, back and sleeve.
Draw the full height of the coat on the front and back.
Go down 0.5 cm in the middle front and straight join the side.
Draw the goodwill of the coat in the Middle facing the buttons with 3 cm.
Draw the buttons in the middle front.
Draw the new sides of the coat on the front and back.
The last button of the neckline to the top check mark 45 cm for the hood.
Select 29 cm wide hood.
In curved line close the hood.
With the extent of the back neckline, draw the neck line of the hood.
Draw the pockets on the jacket with 12 cm.
Draw the lining of pockets.
Make adjustments if necessary so that the mold be perfect.

The basic template has no value, it has to be added. This model looks good with fabric or fabric in chiffon, linen, muslin and full-bodied fabrics etc. It is necessary to 2 times the height of the coat sleeve height more 5% off (example on a 5 cm meter off). To make this model requires 2 metres and 30 cm of fabric. To make the mould of pink coat in your size refer to the links below and choose the nearest base of your size, print, paste the leaves and clipping, then do the gradation to your extent or size.