Cargo Pants Style Guide

A cargo pants cut tapered

It was THE big challenge of this trousers: keep leg adjusted characteristic military trousers, while having a good male silhouette.

Cargo Pants Style Guide

And as you say, it was not possible with thighs as tightly as a raw denim!

Because the goal was also to have a relaxed figure.

Cutting the most suitable for our requirements is the so-called tapered, with volume on the thighs, but fittées legs. This is a more advanced cutting than we usually do, and that can bring variety to the classic cup semi-slim you begin to know well!

There are two advantages to this section:

  • Better comfort in the thighs while keeping refined legs. Perfect if you have good legs as Geoffrey!
  • slightly low crotch, for a more relaxed side. But the legs remain fittées to give a modern look. No way to give the impression of a military baggy trousers!

Two possible port levels

Small interesting, there are two ways to wear it:

  • If I put my belt normally yields  a tad rendered a “loose” because  the fork is obviously lower than on an adjusted jeans. Perfect for adding a side street / casual to your silhouette.
  • and if I tighten my belt a hole, and then back up the pants at the hips, the record is more conventional, as the fork moves normally.

If you really want to play the card of the hype or the Highsnobiety Hypebeast, you can do a reverse says “pin roll”, which further tightens the pants to the ankle.

This gives a figure most advanced in the hip, happening to mix water and oil: very fitting leg ankle, but slightly loose around the thighs (since I started wearing Maharishi cargo – very Fittes ankle with less than 17 cm leg opening – it is personally a body type that I like more).

The pin roll is also revered by all lovers of sneakers low because it has the great advantage of good showcase the shoe; since it does not break at all on it. Example Image:

Personally, I carry this cargo with a roll pin at least 9 times out of 10.

Material: high quality cotton

This is a high quality cotton, seen in its very light reflections.

More specifically, it is a cotton gabardine, whose armor (= how son intersect) is very close, which makes the fabric resistant property.

It is a deep green, which is particularly well with shades of blue, white and gray, and beige and other light colors!

We chose to make green pants, because it is a color that has been operating on little BonneGueule.

Yet she has no shortage of advantages: it is timeless, masculine (as always this military heritage), and it goes with a lot of parts of the upper body; while providing variety.

How to size the Three Animals pants?

Cotton is always relaxes a bit, so it should be lightly applied to the purchase (not as a raw denim jeans, but you understand me).

And as usual, it normally size , with the same size as our system flannel pants. If you make the 48, keep taking the 48. Same for the others!

How to wear cargo pants?

This is obviously a very good alternative to chinos, while a stronger piece than pants without pockets. You will be particularly comfortable with sneakers and a casual shirt or a tee. Let us now see the possibilities of outfits!

Very spontaneous, Maxime bears his cargo pants with a white shirt and blue sneakers. Nothing complicated here, but the whole remains balanced with the cargo which provides the research to Our site in color, there is a broadly neutral palette. (Tee-shirt Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike sneakers Janoski and lapel pin roll!)

You can also wear your cargo with a casual shirt. Opt for a model patterned to wake my outfit, I complete with taupe boots. The colors are harmonious: the green goes well with shades “land” (brown, sand …), beige and white. (Naked & Famous Shirt, boots Atelier Voisin). Important: I like to have my side pockets on the thighs a little wrinkled, to the adventurer side, but in fact, if you switch them from time to time, they are well on the flat as Maxime photo above.

We have often said that the shoes occupy a central place in an outfit, as they are sufficient to change its mind. Note the small figure of change in the legs with a lapel pin roll (running Nike Lunar)

The cargo finding its origins in the workwear style, it is quite possible to build a look around this idea.Geoffrey accompanies a chambray shirt open over a gray T-shirt mottled, for one side “fighter” that lends itself to cargo while providing a certain nonchalance. Workwear forces, he puts on a pair of boots with good raw DNA. ( Chambray shirt and shirt BonneGueule, boots BonneGueule x Workshops Heschung )

You know, the combo blazer / t-shirt is an association that works. The cargo port-where typically found jeans or chinos – accentuates the relaxation of the outfit. Similarly for sneakers. (Blazer De Fursac, Muji shirt, sneakers Le Coq Sportif, sunglasses Suitsupply and shows LIP Himalayas)

Very limited quantities

We expected 250 pants because it was complicated for us to spend a large order given the traditional character of production in the Chinese workshop Three Animals.

So that’s all that there will be!

How to get the cargo BGTA?

The launch of our collaboration BonneGueule x Three Animals is planned this Sunday, July 26, at 14 hours (on the BonneGueule workshop and shop)!  And the day before for members of the program. Get ready

You can come as early as Saturday, July 25 to try the maternity cargo trousers directly in Bestaah(14 rue Commines, Paris 3rd) from 10:30 to 19:30. All information is here .