Where to Buy the Best Bike Sticker Kit GP

My bike my queen

If the Moto GP is the premier class of the competitions on two wheels is not for nothing.The most powerful motorcycles and larger displacement we offer a new sport and motor show every season very, very difficult to match.And is that there is no greater adrenaline than the pilot should feel through the circuit at infarct speeds. Continue reading →

My Backpack: Which One Do I Choose?

Often little choice is given to choosing the backpack, or simply choosing one by “design”, “color” or “brand” and this can be translated into “many problems” later.Choosing the backpack that fits your height, weight and physical shape will prevent you from damaging your spine and shoulders, and it will be easier and more comfortable to carry it throughout your trip. Continue reading →

Practical Guide For Future Backpackers

“Traveling is brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and lose sight of everything familiar and comfortable of your friends and your home. You are all the time in imbalance. Nothing is yours except the most essential: the air, the hours of rest, the dreams, the sea, the sky; All those things that tend toward the eternal or towards what we imagine as such.” Continue reading →

Online Shopping:My New Handbags!

That I don’t have much on the hat with the theme of fashion, is probably less surprising at this point. I don’t know, somehow my interest is just somewhere else. I want to be comfortable and chic and casual dressed and especially not renounce my sneaker. I totally love to wear basic shirts and’m am not worried about my outfit. I mean, I run not around like Schlumpi, am but still far from any fashion trends. All the more impressive, I think all the women who are not 0815 dressed through the streets run.

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Mountain Hardwear Summitrocket 40 – Lightweight Alpine Rucksack

The lightweight SummitRocket 40 from Mountain Hardwear is a more efficient mountaineering and expedition backpack that adapts to the needs of every climber with a few simple steps. In collaboration with top Mountaineer Ueli Steck, developed, is he with 750 grams weight of one of the lightest in its class. Continue reading →

How to Wear a Summer Straw Hat

Straw hats are hats with flat bottom and a touch hard and inelastic. The material from which these are made ​​caps is prepared from dried plant fibers. These hats are not unique to a nation, if you look you will see that in many countries wear them. Mainly in vogue in those areas where the mercury thermometer is too high. These are not those straw hats, which are used to seeing the head of most women in recent years, these straw hats worn by men, and can be very elegant even with such a hat, depending on what you wear. What are the types of straw hats and how can you get one? In general, each store accessories you can buy such a hat. Now there are online stores from which you can also purchase such a cap, but only if you know how you stand, because although caps themselves are relatively inexpensive, no one wants to throw money down the drain. You can find them in a variety of colors, shades and lines. The great advantage of these hats on hot summer days is that because of the material they are made, head breathes much better than if you buy a similar model, but rayon or nylon, or even cotton. Between plant and dried fibers constituting the cap remained small windows free space in which you can safely enter air circulating so your head stays dry and at the same time do not appear unpleasant and annoying factors such as sweating, dandruff and the like.

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Sunglasses Guide: Styleguide For The Summerest Accessory Of The Man

Eyeglasses on Maenner-Style. de are no longer seen as mere visual aids for a long time but also work wonderfully as an accessory in everyday life. Due to the summer time, I have dared to go with thissunglass guide, my personal Styleguide for the most summerly accessory of the man and would like to give you helpful tips and tricks, with the selection of your sunglasses with the on the way.

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History of the Handbag

History of the handbag / purse in the changing of times

Im range of fashion and design plays the bag not only in the literal, but also in the higher sense a supporting role. But no matter, whether it is dealing with a model from edgy acting tarpaulin, ecologically correct mined material or quaint leather – all available today representatives of the Lady’s handbag has a common development history:

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Luxury: Travel Bag From Louis Vuitton

This is the premiere for Manolos new article series “Luxury”, where we will put total focus on expensive clothing, accessories and other gizmos that make the soul happy and your wallet full of holes. The series will serve as inspiration, rather than specific buying tips and, of course, we also offer a more economical alternative to the luxury choice. Launch day to honor, we show two suitcases in different price ranges. Continue reading →

Updated: How To Choose Eyeglasses For Your Face Type!

Today’s post is dedicated to girls who don’t know how to choose eyeglasses for your face type. This theme really can be a dilemma, since we don’t always have the exact notion of what can highlight our strengths and disguise certain defeitinhos! But, with the help of optical consultant Eric Gozlan, which has two stores here in Curitiba, came to light around here! Continue reading →

Clothes for Young Fatties

Clothing tips for fatties young and modern

Hello girls, how are you doing?

I have received requests to speak of a plus size fashion younger, alternative, less “mature woman” (expression used in a comment on our fanpage), as there are many girls who enjoy this style but find it difficult to find clothes for younger fatties. Continue reading →

Taking Magnesium During Pregnancy

Just start chowing down, without having to worry? Unfortunately I can’t. An expectant Mommy should have their food well in sight, to be supplied with all the nutrients that need her and the baby. For example, with magnesium. The demand is slightly elevated in pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers complain in pregnancy about leg cramps, some are increasingly suffering from stomach cramps. Blame, a lower supply of the minerals can be magnesium.

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About Twin Baby Pregnancy

‘Congratulations! You get equal to two babies!” At these words, the expectant Mommy must swallow safely only once. A twin pregnancy is twice as much work. Also double baby good luck!

Twins are something very special-even though a twin pregnancy, as well as the daily life with two infants, the Mama is clearly exhausting. The chance that you sometimes get twins, is rather low. 1000 births, only 35 twin births come in Germany.

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Work Gloves will Ensure the Safety and Restrict the Work

An integral part of many working clothes as well as work gloves, wear on the job must not forget in a row. Their task is not only to provide you with security and maximum protection against possible injury, but you can not limit the performance of their professional duties. Work gloves protect the whole hand and part above the wrist, thus ensuring protection against risks that your job may be lurking at every turn. Do not leave anything to chance and ask for themselves the best – we know where you should look!

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