Different Sunglasses, Uncover Them And Try Them On!

You Are Passionate About Sunglasses, You Love To Combine Your Outfits With Different Lenses, You Know How To Get The Most Out Of Your Look By Choosing Some Glasses Or Other, But You Are Fed Up With The Same Proposals That Everyone Has And Want To Innovate. Do Not Worry!With The Next Selection, You Will Get Unmarked! Watch Out For These Different Sunglasses Continue reading →

Wedding Hair Accessories 2013

Wedding hair accessories can make to that unique touch of glamour and sophistication. Here is the most beautiful for the 2013 season

The wedding hairstyle is a very important part of the look, because it is the element that defines the character of the dress. For example, a lady who choose a style “flower child” can let her hair down and say no more, the flowers are perfect for romantic and classic brides tiaras for those with a mind to resemble as much as possible to a Princess. Continue reading →

Beach Hats and Head Decoration

That’s it: the bikini of your dreams is carefully packed in the suitcase, between a tube of sunscreen, a dress and a beach towel. To complete your outfit on the sand or at the edge of the basin, it you just pick the hats and head summer trends jewelry 2014.

Most Fashion: the Headband

The headband is a kind of more or less end and/or decorated headband. There are all the colors and materials for different styles. At the beach, we love the headband for his small Bohemian and practical side at a time. Indeed, it allows to quickly achieve a sophisticated with dry hair, hair wet or covered withprotective oil : place the headband around the head and pull up your lengths inside the elastic wedging them. You can avoid so long hours of Untangling post-plage if you have long hair!

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NYFW Fashion Week 2016

Continues on the third day I search for a lowest common denominator between genres and opposite styles that acts as the common thread to the New York Fashion Week FW 2016-2017 and takes shape in collections ranging from rebellion and bon ton.

Right from day one, the New York Fashion Week FW 2016-2017 moves along two paths proceeding in the same direction, approaching, crossing and moving away: tradition and innovation. A theme double and speculate, explored on the third day with a series of collections contrasting with an elegant style, measured and bon ton a punk, unconventionaland rebellious.

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Best Fabric for Kitchen Aprons

Choose your Internet kitchen apron and his material is sometimes complicated because the price differences are visible but not necessarily the quality difference. Manelli therefore propose this article to help you in your choice!

Which material and for what use

In the market for cooking aprons, two types of materials are available:

  • Cooking apron 100% cotton:

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How to Choose the Perfect Lady’s Handbag?

Handbag is much more than just a fashion accessory. It is a practical tool for carrying essentials and also a way to express your style. You can play with her ​​in awkward moments, or even used as a weapon in a dangerous situation. Buying a new handbag, whether ordinary or a luxury handbag, so it may not be exactly easy. However, we have some tips that would help me get help.

Trying to find the keys at the bottom of her purse the night before the unlit entrance with strange noises behind him might, be the reason why you choose the right one.

Ear handbags – Have you ever bought a bag over her shoulder, which will subsequently kept slipping from her shoulder? Or, conversely, a purse with small handles, so you should keep your hands full? Or choose a handbag with a narrow strip off your chest that you will walk for bashing? We need to decide what size and the size of the ear in women’s handbags for you to be the best while still comfortable.

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Black Peter Costume

Did you know that Black Peter is one of the folk heroes of the Netherlands and there is much loved because it is associated with Santa Claus distributing sweets and candies. Tell this story to your child, and it can choose the next party to reincarnate in this funny character, thanks to a great party costume bridgat – Black Peter. It consists of two parts – a blouse that has a print of a medieval suit with puffed and double-breasted buttons, and a final touch is added and beret with a feather.

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Heidi Klum Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching, which means that Hollywood stars feverishly invent something to go to the coolest party, which will be organized – that Heidi Klum.
Nevertheless, you can be sure that no one can surpass the hostess because its Halloween outfits are insanely cool and unique. Halloween in England and Ireland, is also called All Saints Day. But usually at night, in old Celtic customs, all forget about the sanctity and reincarnate in devils and demons. To inspire you with ideas for original costume we have chosen visions of Heidi Klum from the past 15 years. In 2013 Heidi shocked everyone by appearing at her party dressed as himself, but in the future – looking like an old woman.

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Zombie Halloween Costumes Ideas

One of the vintage disguises for Halloween are Internetages zombie costumes. For the popularization of these scary creatures are guilty largely thousands of films in which zombies chasing people and trying to eat their brains. If you are fans of the popular series “The Walking Dead” or you heard about the existence of Emma Stone from the movie “Zombiland” and feel the history in “Hot Bodies” for much more romantic than the “Twilight”, then you should definitely think about whether not to portray this year in a terrifying and scary zombie and intimidated friends and acquaintances in Halloween.

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Children’s Sunglasses, the Most Beautiful Patterns

Not only fashion but, above all, health: that of the eyes of our children. Here’s how to choose sunglasses for kids and what are the most beautiful models.

Summer is coming and the eyes of our children, like their delicate skin, they need protection from ultraviolet light.

Then it is good to protect them now with beautiful sunglasses that make them feel also very … fashionist! What are the brands that manufacture eyewear, child-friendly and what are the most beautiful fashion lines? Continue reading →

The Coolest Backpacks 2016

The backpacks will definitely be the trend this spring 2016 because they are comfortable, practical, roomy and, above all, timeless: it is precisely the most trendy accessories to complete the most of your look! The fashion backpack models for this spring summer 2016 are many and various. They range from the leather-covered studs that in demin, through the model in flowers.
Here then is the coolest backpacks for summer to wear with any outfit.

Backpack Flowers Adidas

One of the most fashionable models for this spring summer 2016 is the backpack to Adidas flowers. A real must-have for your outings! It pairs with any outfit, both for the day and for special evenings. What do you think?

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How to Tie a Tie for Long Ties

“Prince Albert” – a long way to tie a tie.

short man may have problems with long tie. In this case, it will be useful to wrap the wide end. The style called “Prince Albert”. If you want large oblong points that are very popular Italians to master the method of tying a necktie, which is very reminiscent of the “Thedressexplorer“.

How to Tie a Tie Long?

tie long tie to wrap it around your neck so that the wide part hung on the right, and it should be a little longer. The shell at the widest part of the long and narrow end. You want a larger group may be three times more narrow end of the tie wrap off.

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Fabrics Used for Backpacks

What is our backpacks made of? Read below what decide what you need when you go out in the mountains or the city.

A specially treated polyamide (nylon) which is extremely durable. 1000D polyamide is our most powerful backpack fabric and sits at the bottom of most of our backpacks. PU-coated for water resistance.

An extremely durable Cordura fabric that is coated with PU in four steps for maximum water resistance and durability.

Polyester is a material that is highly resistant to destructive UV rays as defined on Indexdotcom. Our 600D polyester fabric is coated with PU in two steps for extra waterproofness. It is durable and works well in tough conditions.

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Lulu Frost and Vintage Jewellery

Vibrant and eclectic, as its name implies, the creations of Lulu Frost do not follow any rule and go we are grateful for that!

The founder and creative head of the company, Lisa Selzer, inherited from your family love and passion for vintage jewellery.

It is an eternal collector and tireless imperishable treasure seeker, who gives new and renovated charm, amalgamating parts of different eras and impregnating them with a sophisticated and contemporary air.

The brand owes its name to the nickname of its creator and the maiden name of his grandmother, Elizabeth Rock Frost, whom Lisa learned the first tools to work successfully in this unique and competitive business.

Selzer took his first steps while studying art history at the prestigious University of Darthmouth. During those years, up-and-coming Lisa noted that their free time was divided between the pursuit of brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings collection and the process of division and fusion of the elements composing them to give rise to new Accessories.

These creations made furor among his peers. At the end of their passage by the University, it was very clear to Lisa that her career would revolve around these creative impulses.

Your designs are passports to an exclusive site, without space or time-definite. A place where different is beautiful, where the lines, colors and shapes converge and form a new aesthetic, unknown but familiar landscape.

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Stretch Cargo Pants Plus Size

Cargo pants were originally addressed to the parachute troops. This is primarily due to their large pockets on the side of the pants, which made it possible that you could have more equipment on it, which is very convenient. The characteristics of a pair of cargo pants, is that they are made of a very strong quality and they have, the characteristic pockets on the side. Cargo pants often are used for outdoor, such as hiking and hunting, here you can get models with zipper below the knee, so that they can be made into shorts. During the 90s they did their hallway in the fashion world and has been popular ever since. Cargo pants are modern streetwear and fits perfectly with a pair of sneakers from DC shoes and a great hoodie. They can also be used if you are going to be more stylish. Here you can take a t-shirt, combine it with a blazer and a pair of timberland boots. So wherever you need a few practical pants for the next hike, or you are looking for a casual look, so you don’t come around cargo pants.

Stretch Cargo Pants Plus Size

Stretch Cargo Pants Plus Size

Casual Belts for Chic Style

Casual women’s belts are for you who would like to have a nice appearance which is not too overplayed. The more laid-back style is favored by many ones because it is nice and down-to-earth. Though casual women’s belts are not reserved for everyday life and work, for finer companies and parties, it can be incredibly advantageous to choose a more earthy and casual style. The casual style is not only necessary in your choice for a nice, casual belt but also can be a response to an exclusive and cool style. Casual women’s belts in this category is more varied than that, within the category, you will find both completed, polished waist and more experimental, daring models with rivets or wild colors. So whatever your style and no matter why you want to use your next belt, you can probably find a model here in the range that suits you and your needs.


Casual women’s belts-down-to-earth belt with the easy-going style


Keep pants in place, and refine your style with one of the cool belts from this range. They are available in a variety of different designs, styles, materials and price ranges, from the exclusive but understated models to the more economy-friendly and down-to-earth models. So whatever your style and economic condition are, you can certainly find a belt that fits you in the range here. The wholesaleably has the coolest casual women’s belts from a wide range of different brands, both from the exclusive class and from the underground segment. So take a look at this page, you will probably be able to find a nice model, which meet both your purely practical needs and your style.


Versatile No-show Socks for Men

As soon as the temperatures rise, it is everywhere in a man’s world: inside the shorts and out to the fresh air! And then wearing socks is too much but barefoot is too little. The no-show socks are a good compromise. Learn from their official site how you best wear these socks and what shoes can they be worn with.


What are no-show socks for men and what shoes are they worn with?

What colors and patterns are announced when it comes to no-show socks?

What materials are there?

What are the alternatives to men’s no-show socks?

Conclusion: how to find the perfect no-show socks?


What are no-show socks for men and what shoes are they worn with?

Booties are the perfect replacement for the socks in the summer. The highlight of no-show socks is that they have no socks shaft as a brilliant and comfortable all-rounder. If you would have like to free ankle, but won’t renounce the comforting feeling of fabric between your foot and the boot, the no-show sock is the ideal compromise. In principle, men’s no-show socks fit to any kind of shoe, no matter whether slipper, leather lace-up shoes, sneaker, mid-height trekking boots or running shoes. When wearing the upper part of the booties from best should not or hardly because the feet can be seen, a piece of clothing, like to stay hidden. Important: Ensure that the foot section of the no-show socks is greater than that of the shoes.

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Discount Ties & Bow Ties for Gentlemen

Your neck accessory is the ultimate dot on the cake of a nice dress. You must prepare for party, gala or business meeting with a good, well chosen tie which radiates just as much as stylish. The tie has a dynamic power that can bring your style an interesting, unpredictable expression. In addition, there is a host of a necktie to choose from, so you have the opportunity to personalize the style right down to the smallest detail. In the collection of ties, you find everything, ranging from fully colored necktie to a gaudy butterfly from a ton of different brands, exclusive as well as affordable. No one says that the tie is reserved only for business men and special occasions. A bow tie can be worn to a daily life, and combined it with a more down-to-Earth outfit, and you can achieve a perfect contrast between the mundane and the decent, a business like.

Discount Ties & Bow Ties for Gentlemen


Tie & butterfly-the perfect accessory


Add your style to the final gloss with ties from Andy. This accessory provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate you with a grip on proceedings. The tie has its ancestry with the hitters on the great entries, for example, stock market, and therefore it has developed an extravagant, ambitious style, and you have the option to add your own style with a good tie from this collection. If you need an accessory for a special occasion, such as wedding, confirmation, gala or similar, then it is perhaps closer to a tie you could have hold of. The possibilities are many different models, patterns and colors, and there are certainly the accessory to suit exactly your style and your chores. Add your style the last oomph with abundant accessories that exude bucket loads of class and profits!