How to Use: Round Glasses

I thought of a “different” theme for How to Use, about an accessory I have not yet talked about:glasses. I hope you like it!The model of round glasses, so used by the idols John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne, come to replace the tendency of the model glasses kitten. The accessory also has an extremely retro footprint and is already on the face of many celebrities and people clicked by the street fashion blogs. Continue reading →

The Importance of Accessories

Girls, feeling worse than opening the closet, futricar here, futricar there, and don’t have anything to wear? Oh life … wife suffers! But is it that are missing pieces in your closet? Often what you need is not new clothes, but accessories to compose different productions or to give a remodeled that look dull. So our guess is: before you even go shopping, make sure you have a earing charming, a necklace, bracelets that combine with your way of being, rings of power, and so on. Without doubt, the accessories are the best friends a good visual and key parts: enrich the production, are indicators of style, wardrobe multipliers, extremely versatile and reinforce the personality of who uses them. Ufaaa … There are so many qualities that we should bet on the strength of them. The best benefit is that the accessories update the look without you having to spend a lot of dough and, moreover, is an eternal investment: they will continue serving you even if you get fat, lose weight, get pregnant, age … Best Friend Forever! So girls, don’t underestimate the importance of accessories and do not leave home without at least one. The secret to picking them is keep in mind your personality, your personal taste, and so do unique compositions, create your brand! Continue reading →

The New Year’s Eve Fashion for Women

If for men comes to be simple and easy and choose what to buy and wear to spend the holidays, for women fashion shows that the story is quite different. There are so many types of blouses, skirts, dresses, shoes and accessories that only themselves to combine so many styles. And Rakuten Shopping has all these varieties of women’s clothes to spend the New Year on the beach and also to use in the family Christmas dinner, all following the symbology of colors and their good vibes. Continue reading →

Tie! Belts and Sashes that Sets Between the Famous

Worn over the clothes, they guarantee a safety belt of pestle well marked and a wardrobe full of charm and modern By Natalia Master waist marked follows steady as station trend. This look, inspired by the years 80, brings belts and tracks as featured on the clothes, calling the full attention of all costumes for the region of the abdomen […] Continue reading →

Meet the Electronic Massager for Discreet Backpacks and Cheap

High school students at the Uirapuru School in São Paulo developed an electronic massager for backpacks. Called Joy, the device is about two small cushions with a vibration system inside, which attach to the top of the handle, providing relaxation to the musculature. The idea of ​​the product is to end the back pain caused by the excess weight in the luggage. Continue reading →

Geometric Lamp: New Trend of Decoration

Let your home decoration modern and charming with the geometrical fixtures.

You want to leave your home more beautiful and modern? Then bet on a geometric lamp. This enriches the layout of any room with your charming design. Read the story and check out details about the trend.

The luminaires are used in decoration as a way of illuminating strategic points in environments. They also contribute to the exploitation of space, while breed a style or put some decorative item. Continue reading →

Veil Or Headpiece?

By Maria Fernanda Bautista | Marry Me

We know that many cultures and traditions make that the most common is that brides veil to reach the altar… in some cultures of East regarded it as an element that the function hide almost completely on the face of the bride which is only revealed to the I spouse after the ceremony. According to the Roman tradition, the veil protecting the bride of evil spirits, the evil eye and envy. And over time began to be considered as a symbol of the gathering, innocence and virginity of women. Continue reading →

Back to School: Briefcase Or Backpack?

Every year, at the same time, a discussion comes up: which bag to buy for back to school? From elementary school to higher, no one escapes this! Even students of pre-entry examination and technical courses must make this decision every year.

Many doubts occur in time of choice: Which style is ideal for storing my books and notebooks? Which model is most recommended to avoid damaging the spine? Should I choose folders or backpacks? Is there any scholarship that fall well with various styles of clothing? See the answers to these and other questions now! Continue reading →

What’s New in Makeup Bag!

Hi Hi Hi guys!!! You’ve noticed that lately is going on several palpitecos of beauté here on the blog? Has muiiitas news from the world of beauty painting in the area and we’re piri piradinhas pipiri, counting the characters to share all the details with you. Hahahahaha! In fact the tip of today comes straight from the pharmacy. But chill, this post is not about drugs! You know that we are super duper mega curious, huh?! Appeared a novelty we ran behind. So, at least every 15 days we make a point of giving a “poke around” on the shelves of DRUGSTORE SÃO BENTO to check out what’s new on the block! Continue reading →

Aviator Jacket Winter Models

Aviator Jackets-2012 Winter Trend

If you have a piece that came into fashion in the winter to keep time, this play was the Aviator style jacket. Do you know? Certainly, as it is in all the stores, made with various materials, not only in leather, with many colors and used in hundreds of different ways. The Aviator jacket is a big trend in 2012, as well as last year and promises to continue with everything. Continue reading →