Demillus Lingerie

A real friend is one who shares must-have tips, does not she? So today we will introduce you to DeMillus, a brand with more than 65 years of history, which has several beautiful products available in Le Lingerie. They are pieces that add comfort, satisfaction, modernity and beauty, all in line with the main fashion trends. Know now a little more about what the brand has to offer for you: Continue reading →

Collection of Lingerie for Brides Hope: Items

The  Hope, one of the largest manufacturers of intimate female parts of the country, considered the Brazilian brides and asked the stylist Wanda Borges a bake special collection for women who will get married. For this proposal, the designer designed the Bride line, which involves 3 collections: the Dream, the Functional and the Daily Bride. They were made for every moment of the marriage: the ceremony, the wedding night and honeymoon. So, meet the items from the collection of lingerie for brides Hope  and prepare the most important nights of your life. Continue reading →

Slimming Corset: the Indisputable Advantages

The slimming corset is a size ally … to make you lose several waists!

You’ve always dreamed of a magical garment that would allow you to look thinner without any effort?No need to skip meals or settle for a green salad, the slimming corset makes the promise of an instant result.Worn by several celebrities who proudly display it on social networks, it makes dream more than one and promises a silhouette dream! Continue reading →

The Tips on How to Find the Best Bra Model

The lingerie on display at the store can be beautiful and have an inviting price, but those are not the only issues that should influence the purchase of a bra.

Determining characteristics such as circumference and, especially, the correct model for the woman’s body, have become secondary analysis items for the consumers. What a mistake. Continue reading →

Types of Breasts: How to Choose the Bra

It is foolish to think that there are only two types of breasts, the small and the large. In fact, they differ greatly in format and can be classified into seven types.

Knowing what is yours can help you buy bras that best fit your breasts, valuing them and providing more comfort.

Do you want to know which one is yours? Read this post and know the seven types of breasts and their characteristics. Continue reading →

10 Tips For Breast Care

t is no longer just a question of learning how to breast care, it seems that 70% of women do not know basic aspects about the anatomy, development and functions of their breasts according to a study carried out by the students of the Master’s Degree in Mammary Pathology- University of Barcelona, led by Prof. Miguel Prats Esteve. Continue reading →

Which Sports Bra Is Best For Me?

If you are doing sports, you want to concentrate on your body. Non-seated sportswear is totally obstructive. There is plucked and smoothly painted and nevertheless it slips or pinches somewhere everywhere. What is really annoying with pants and tops, interferes with the sports bra even more. Therefore a well-fitting sports bra is simply an absolute must-have.

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Breasts

Did you know that the left breast is usually greater than the right? This is not the only fact that the breasts conceal. Check out 12 things that almost nobody knows about her breasts: The breasts are a part of the body pretty impressed and almost always are subjects of numerous discussions both from a medical point of view and also aesthetic. Continue reading →

13th Week of Pregnancy

Now starts the pregnancy in the 4th month of pregnancy! With the 13 week also start second trimester in which the expectant mother the first kicks of their child will feel and the pregnancy belly grows slowly.

Many pregnant women can now breathe again: rapidly decreases the risk that it will be a miscarriage , from the 13th week of pregnancy. The baby hears now already quite well: you can play now music him, by a set of headphones on the belly. Many children love early quiet classical music.

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How to Choose a Bra That Fits

We find more and more size lingerie, but it does not mean that easy to choose the right bra … Come on, we help you!

More and more sites offer us the size lingerie, and One Stop Plus (Our site ) belongs to those who have the greatest offer.

But then, sometimes struggle was to choose the bra that is closest to our chest… There is not a question of size… Yes, ladies round, size is not not all !

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How to Choose the Right Lingerie Size

Think you know all on the intimate women?

Surely you know that you have to match the bra slip, which you must have in the drawer at least three push-ups, one filled with the discounter seed oil and that the lace is sexy. Cotton no.

And if I told you that these are just the basics? And that the underwear is the most important element to build a perfect look? Why a bra that does not stand up or a slip with delusions of leadership, would ruin even the most beautiful dress of your wardrobe. Even more so now that the summer is coming, the fabrics are made ​​lighter and the colors lighten.


If you want to look beautiful, you have to look after underwear sizing guide. Find out how to choose cup size for bras!

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