10 Tips For Breast Care

t is no longer just a question of learning how to breast care, it seems that 70% of women do not know basic aspects about the anatomy, development and functions of their breasts according to a study carried out by the students of the Master’s Degree in Mammary Pathology- University of Barcelona, led by Prof. Miguel Prats Esteve. Continue reading →

Which Sports Bra Is Best For Me?

If you are doing sports, you want to concentrate on your body. Non-seated sportswear is totally obstructive. There is plucked and smoothly painted and nevertheless it slips or pinches somewhere everywhere. What is really annoying with pants and tops, interferes with the sports bra even more. Therefore a well-fitting sports bra is simply an absolute must-have.

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Breasts

Did you know that the left breast is usually greater than the right? This is not the only fact that the breasts conceal. Check out 12 things that almost nobody knows about her breasts: The breasts are a part of the body pretty impressed and almost always are subjects of numerous discussions both from a medical point of view and also aesthetic. Continue reading →

13th Week of Pregnancy

Now starts the pregnancy in the 4th month of pregnancy! With the 13 week also start second trimester in which the expectant mother the first kicks of their child will feel and the pregnancy belly grows slowly.

Many pregnant women can now breathe again: rapidly decreases the risk that it will be a miscarriage , from the 13th week of pregnancy. The baby hears now already quite well: you can play now music him, by a set of headphones on the belly. Many children love early quiet classical music.

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How to Choose a Bra That Fits

We find more and more size lingerie, but it does not mean that easy to choose the right bra … Come on, we help you!

More and more sites offer us the size lingerie, and One Stop Plus (Our site ) belongs to those who have the greatest offer.

But then, sometimes struggle was to choose the bra that is closest to our chest… There is not a question of size… Yes, ladies round, size is not not all !

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How to Choose the Right Lingerie Size

Think you know all on the intimate women?

Surely you know that you have to match the bra slip, which you must have in the drawer at least three push-ups, one filled with the discounter seed oil and that the lace is sexy. Cotton no.

And if I told you that these are just the basics? And that the underwear is the most important element to build a perfect look? Why a bra that does not stand up or a slip with delusions of leadership, would ruin even the most beautiful dress of your wardrobe. Even more so now that the summer is coming, the fabrics are made ​​lighter and the colors lighten.


If you want to look beautiful, you have to look after underwear sizing guide. Find out how to choose cup size for bras!

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La Perla Swimwear Size Chart

The collection of costumes The 2014 summer Pearl has every intention to make its mark this year, a unique line where you will find bikinis, whole and trikini costumes in the most beautiful fantasies and most glamorous of the moment.Space swimsuits with multicolor patterns in pastel colors, models with character animal prints and chic new with sparkly Swarovski applications for those who like a more sophisticated style. Let’s find out what’s new in the catalog La Perla swimwear for summer 2014. Continue reading →

Right Clothes for Yoga

Although it is spring already known to many, the Russian manufacturer of the brand savasana take care of our users, and has prepared for you excellent new collection of sportswear. After all, update your wardrobe, including sports, spring will be interesting for both men and women.

The new collection is presented sportswear for fitness and yoga exercises, which will feel not only comfortable, but it would be particularly sporty. Lady Line has been designed to correct any particular form because of changes in geometric proportions of the clothes. Even while working every woman strives to remain attractive. Men in such clothes will get maximum comfort.

The main credo of the collection – comfort, practicality, comfort and style.

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Bras for Low Back Dress

The back revealing dresses are all the rage, but use of the bra with them can be challenging.

Elegant back section is ruined if a bare dress or blouse peek from the back of an ugly bra’s back. However, not everyone dare, or even be able to go to celebrate without jackets. Hanging, swinging and flashing her breasts through the dress they can also ruin festive look.

Open at the back lovelies still does not have to leave the store shelf.Bra Problems can be solved, as well as the lingerie department that your hand, using their skills.

1. Self-Adhesive Bra

Chicken fillet resemble keepers included bringing little support, covering the nipples and create Breast Chafe against. The setting should be practiced in the store: the breasts skin Tackifying placed into the cups, which are then hooked together in front of the public.

It is clear that the solution will work primarily on their own smaller bosom women. It also does not last very heavy movement: the dance floor sweat can happen embarrassing when fillet keepers included lätkähtävät floor. However, such jackets may be convenient corset for men, low-cut back and parted with the tops to dress yourself to keep the vest-like place.

2. The Extension of the Perimeter of Bra

Bra manufacturers are thankfully woken dilemma. There is a low-backed dresses designed for the jackets with the vest circumference is longer than usual and tied to the front side.

The extension allows you to make the cut, which just bra suitable for use with Dresses with open back clothes.

For example, KappAhl Low Back Extension (http://www.nexticle.net/) conjures up bra back revealing, but still supports the version.

Extension piece can do yourself: you need enough thick, flexible elastane band, needle and thread, ordinary bras to extension piece or extra hooks.

Instructions can be found, for example, from the following video from that point 1:00.

3. Do-It-Yourself takaosattomat Vests

If the calculated extension pieces reached all the vest back is not enough, you can make yourself completely takaosattomat vests.

Cut off the back of jackets, in which case you will be left with only a cup of components and feature on the front of the closed, adjustable shoulder straps. Sew the straps under the cups so that you get the light to support the breast without the back.

Please note that even this trick works best pienirintaisilla women.

Lingerie Collection for Valentine Free People

Ready to Valentine? Do not forget to prepare your lingerie for Valentine ‘s Day and surprise your partner in bed. And there ‘snothing more fun than watching the reaction of your partner to see you in lingerie new. If you are thinking of renovating lencero closet, you’re in luck: the signing Free People just presented his collection of lingerie and underwear for 14 February.

This collection of signature boho style clothing presents a variety of sexy garments for moments in bed. One of the star items of this special collection of Valentine is the body , especially in lace. The flesh tones and pink replace the classic red to provide a sensual and romantic look pure.

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Mr Wonderful Collection of Lingerie and Oysho for Valentine 2016

Mr Wonderful again collaborate with Oysho in an ideal Valentine collection. No matter if you celebrate it or not, whether you are single or with a partner: this collection encourages us to enjoy and spread the love in the bedroom.

The new collection, now on sale in shops Oysho, remains faithful to the style of positive and funny illustrations of Mr Wonderful. It is not the first time Oysho collaborates with this famous brand of positive and funny messages. Already it did a few months ago with a bestseller. And nothing like going to bet on this artwork for Valentine. With these clothes and accessories for the bedroom you will radiate good cheer and love.  We find shirts with many messages as well as accessories and shoes around the house type and vanity cases.

In addition to messages that refer to coffee and breakfast also we find reasons planetary pajamas style like this so much fun. Designs are available in short sleeves, suspenders and long to suit the tastes of each sleeve. Prices are accessible to all and clothing do not exceed 23 €. An ideal opportunity to renew our wardrobe stylish pajamas occasion.

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Lingerie for Brides

When they finally you have chosen the wedding dress you think the theme clothing finished until they tell you to turn to the test with shoes and lingerie that you will carry the day B, but how do you choose this lingerie to match the dress and that is suitable for the wedding night? If you’re in that situation or you are looking for lingerie for your wedding, read on to see types and advice on what more favor you .

Let ‘s face it, in our daily lives we often choose bad our underwear, never were right with the right size or the cup and light and corsets have no idea. And if we already seems difficult to choose lingerie for everyday life find the right for your perfect dress and the wedding night is a dilemma. Because today many people downplays wedding night but another part of the wedding , more than another seal your love.

First of all say that the most important thing is to go for comfort. For this important day not want to be worried about if the fastener is in place, because it will be a long day and that will go with a dress that have never before been saved in tests.

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Lingerie Collection Spring Summer 2016 Intimissimi

Whenever lack least for the spring, and the firm Intimissimi wants ahead of his arrival with his new collection of lingerie. The Italian lingerie brand has just introduced its new spring summer collection 2016, where colors like white and blue are clear protagonists. Keep up reading to find out!

Israeli model Shlomit Malka stars in the new campaign Intimissimi, this time opts for a collection with nude and simple touches but without sacrificing femininity of the female body. The bodies are an undergarment that triumph next season, and only must see the presence they have in the new campaign signature. Although the designs are simpler and radiate comfort, fit is still present in bras, panties and other lenceras garments.

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Victoria’s Secret and its Collection of Lingerie for Valentine 2016

Victoria’s Secret is one of the signatures of lingerie that, like other brands, wanted to launch a collection with designs ideal for Valentine ‘s Day. And the Valentine ‘s Day is the perfect occasion to brand new set lingerie and surprise our man in bed.


By now sure many of you already have your designed lingerie and ready for the big night, but it never hurts to discover the collection that Victoria’s Secret has launched for Valentine ‘s Day. Some of the angels of the firm are responsible for pose with designs lingerie for this date as indicated and sensual. and it is clear that the fit is still king of the sexy underwear. Be in black and flesh tones or with purple accents, lace never happen fashion.


In addition to classic underwire bras and push up effect also we find other fasteners in this collection. Bras without ring and triangle – shaped imposed as one of the designs of the 2016, as well as forming a kind of lingerie top. Endless options to feel comfortable with our bodies and surprise your partner at times more intimate.  as her panties, we found higher slip and type designs and other higher and cover more area.


But the black and pink tones are not the only star of the collection. We also find lingerie sets with romantic prints – like moles – for more naif women.