How to Choose an Ip Security Camera

Originally an expensive and complex product found mostly in department stores and banks, security cameras have found their way into many homes, offering property protection and peace of mind. Many home wireless security models no longer require wiring ability and substantial configuration and can be installed by a home user. Modern IP cameras are relatively simple and can be monitored using any computer or smart phone available. There are, however, several important factors that you should consider when buying this equipment to make sure it meets your needs. Continue reading →

Casio Exilim EX-G1 – Test Sample Arrived

A few months ago Casio Exilim Ex-G1 has unveiled a new outdoor compact camera. I had already in November reported the ex-G1. Now, Casio has given the opportunity to test the camera itself for over a month at me. This week, the test specimen has arrived! There’s the first quick impressions of the camera now once. Continue reading →

Sony NEX-C3: a Hybrid Camera

Even thinner than its forebears, the Sony NEX – C3 is a compact interchangeable optics just as powerful.

A year after the release of its first compact cameras with interchangeable lenses-the NEX-3 and NEX-5-, Sony is changing its range with the NEX – C3 entry-level camera. Exit the NEX-3, even if the technical basis remains: the sensor gains two small megapixels (going from 14.2 to 16 Mpix) but the rest of the components is preserved. Understand: swivel screen of 7.6 cm diagonal for a definition of 921 000 points, high sensitivities up to ISO 12,800, the panorama by scanning, the burst of five frames per second and a flanged 720 p video mode. In short the fundamentals are there…

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Test: Panasonic CM1, a Good Smartphone and a Good Camera

Its large sensor makes the best camera phone of the moment the cm1. But he is not yet at the level of the compact experts.

Panasonic lumix dmc – cm1: The promise

Unveiled at the photokina and presented at the end of october french press, panasonic cm1 is a nice ufo, a fantasy as he tries to bring together the best of smartphones top of range with the best of the compact experts. Successful merger or technical mirage? The answer in the test!

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Supertooth HD-L Test

The 75-Euro Supertooth HD-L is thanks to voice-guided menu redefreudig. We have tested the Bluetooth car kit.

  1. Supertooth HD-L test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

One is first and foremost: the Supertooth HD-L is only a light output of the model “HD” of the French manufacturer. The same is being touted on the Internet as a quantum leap, because you – can dictate E-Mails and text messages with him, but as the chargeable services are conducted through a telephone connection is not reachable from Germany, there is in this country only the HD-L version. Continue reading →

Parrot MiniKit Plus in the Test

The Parrot MiniKit plus offers compelling voice control at an affordable price. Our testing shows that.

  1. Parrot MiniKit plus in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Only the small black hands-free kit for the connection to the sun visor costs 69 Euro – there she sits flat slides automatically in an excellent position. The black area is not a button, but the entire speaker in nxt flat design. It is operated the plant via the two handles and knob – and by language. Continue reading →

ABUS Surveillance Package With DVR And Outdoor Camera

Smart package from ABUS, containing 1 outdoor camera and 1 hard disk recorder with built-in 500 GB hard drive. With this package you’ll get everything you need in order to make a stable wired installation to monitor your home or business. The base unit is a box with DVR camera. Includes a 500 GB hard drive, which is already assembled and ready for use. On your hard disk, you have the capacity for many days of video surveillance. You can connect up to 4 cameras in total, all of which can be recorded on the hard disk. On the box there is a VGA connector for connecting a monitor (not included) and USB connector for mouse and possibly. USB connector, if you need to export the video recordings for external use.

DVR And Outdoor Camera

There is also a standard RJ45 network connector, sure you can connect the box to your broadband router. With internet connection may be opened for external access via the app (requires port forwarding in router/firewall).
Up to approx. 5 weeks of constant recording on 500 GB hard disk. Who can install additional cameras-either ABUS comp tube camera or ABUS lockable compact. The box can be used with up to 4 cameras.


Resolution: 600 TV lines
1/3 “DIS, 720 (H) x 480 (V) Pixel
Lens: 3.6 mm
Point of view: 68 °
Infrared light: 12 PCs. IR LED
(up to 10 meter range)
IR-cut filter.
Waterproof: IP66
Backlight compensation
Temperature:-20 ° c-50 ° c
Dimensions: 150 x 70 mm

ABUS Surveillance Package


4 video channels
1 VGA connector
2 USB connectors
500 GB hard disk
Temperature:-10 ° c-55 ° c
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 45 mm
Danish menu system

Included in the package

Hard disk recorder incl. 500 GB hard disk
1. Outdoor camera, tube model
2. power supplies
20 meter combining cable (BNC/DC) for connecting the camera to the box.

Red Shield PIR Alarm With Outdoor Wireless Sensor

Smart alarm system with outdoor motion sensor/PIR. Up to 200 meters wireless range. Can also be used as a doorbell or customer report.
Wireless alarm system consisting of an 8 channel control panel wireless PIR (infrared motion sensor) with a typical range of 150-200 meters (by direct vision between transmitter and receiver).

PIR is provided with a special rubber cap, which creates a very narrow detection range (ideal for outdoor installation in order to avoid false alarms from cats, dogs and foxes, when mounted low and in a horizontal position). The round opening in the rubber cap can easily be customized in size, to situations where the PIR is mounted in a more traditional, high ranking. With extended opening PIR can detect movement up to 110 degrees angle and at a distance up to 15 meters.

Rubber cap also makes the PIR suitable for outdoor mounting, but it can of course also be mounted indoors.

There is a 3-minute built-in power-saving delay after each activation, but this can be changed to 15 seconds for situations where it is more important than the battery life.

The battery in PIR is of type 9 volt and can operate for up to 6-18 months in most situations (depending on the number of activations), and has a built-in low-battery warning (a slowly flashing red LED on PIR), which allows for the timely replacement of the battery.

The versatile, wireless control panel can be used in different ways at different times of the day, including:
-As a door chime (Ding-Dong sound that sounds once at the activation), followed by a green, flashing display.
-As an alarm with shockingly high siren (130 decibels in 1-6 min.)

The control panel is powered by a 220 volt power supply and has battery backup that can take over if the power fails. The control panel can also be used in conjunction with many other types of alarm sensors and sirens, which makes it a very versatile and scalable warning and alarm system.

Package includes:
1 x control panel m. built-in, wireless receiver.
1 x 220 volt power supply
1 x Wireless outdoor PIR with mounting brackets.
1 x rubber cap to PIR.
1 x Manual (English).
1 x Danish quick-start guide.

Mounting the PIR sensor:
There are two methods for installation of PIR:
1) about 1 to 1.5 meters from the ground, with the hood mounted and with the default size of the opening and PIR directed horizontally across the Earth (this will avoid triggering alarm from animals such as cats, dogs and foxes).
2) 3-5 meters from the ground, pointing down toward the ground (the angle can be adjusted in order to adapt to the application), with the hood mounted and with enhanced opening hole in the hood, in order to give a wider detection angle.
Control panel specification:
Frequency: 868 Mhz.
Power supply: 9 V 0.5 amp output.
Backup battery: 1 x PP3 (9 volt) battery.
Operating time on backup battery: up to 6 hours.
Low battery warning: Yes.
Alarm zones: 8
Unlimited number of alarm sensors.
Built-in keyboard.
Built-in panic button.
Size: 150 (w) x 95 (H) x 32 (D) mm.
Reset Button: Yes.
Built-in siren: Yes (130 decibels).
Siren duration: Adjustable 1-6 minutes.
Entry: Adjustable 10-60 sec.
Exit: Adjustable 10-60 sec.
Sabotage contact: Small wall-mounted magnet.
Operating modes: 5 (Full reinforcement, reinforcement, disarmed, home alarm, panic).

PIR specifications
Frequency: 868 Mhz.
Distance detection: 10-15 meters.
Outdoor use: Yes.
detection angle: about 20 degrees (with hood) 110 degrees (without hood).
Power supply: 1 x PP3 (9 volt) battery.
Wireless range: up to 200 meters (with an unobstructed view to the RCD.).
Fitting: adjustable wall bracket (with 2 screws).
Power saver: Yes (if it is set to 3 minutes between activations).
Low battery warning: Yes (flashing red led when the battery should be replaced).

How does a PIR sensor work?
All PIR sensors detects changes in infrared radiation, in the form of heat emitted by a variety of organisms and objects, including people, cars and, to a lesser extent, dogs or other small animals. The bigger the body, the more infrared radiation radiated and easier it is for a PIR sensor to register. More about PIR sensor, see

Imagine the camera footage on TV from a police helicopter, as successor of a suspect in the pitch black darkness. The cameras in the helicopter using infrared radiation to achieve night vision. The same technology is used when a soldier looking through a night-vision. It is exactly the same happens when a PIR sensor is in operation.