Warm Stylish Mens Winter Coats

Classic elegance mixed with retro jackets and sports elements – so briefly can be summarized trends in the male wardrobe of the approaching winter. Attractive and diverse in terms of models, styles and colors, the current season clothing and shoes are also very practical. That’s what specifically it is:


Retro wave swells primarily in elegant clothes by category, returning to fashion free jackets with double-breasted buttoning, blazers with 3 buttons and slightly slumped shoulders. The pants also have a different pattern of power in recent years. Choosing models in two directions – high waist and a slight narrowing in the lower leg, reaching ankle or longer, but wider leg. More casual pants and jeans are straight and with maximum clean cut.

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Different Types of Mens Jackets

Accessories and style

When it comes to Accessories and men’s jacket style you can consider many aspects and all will be used to confer a particular allure to this garment which may contain several variations than the basic model.

The pockets, for example, are an important accessory in a jacket but they must be chosen carefully. In fact, must be carefully attuned to the fit of the jacket and, in some cases, may be safely hidden inside the lining. Formal evening jackets and should never have flaps to supplement the pockets: welts are permitted only for informal leaders or sportsmen.

The pockets of the jacket should be used for documents and wallets, while the outer in the bottom left is for cigarettes. Men’s sports jackets can have a double external pocket, and the smaller one is for small change, English tradition.

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Cool Leather Jackets Womens

The leather jacket? One must always have in your closet! Although by now the first cold start to make us lean more and more towards heavier jackets, padded jackets and anoraks, like maybe the leather jacket remains one of the faithful companions of autumn. There are those who have an enviable collection, in a thousand different colors, which instead focuses on different models and different shapes … in short, the leather jacket, it doesn’t matter, either real or ecological is a truly indispensable garment. These are the most interesting of the fall-winter 2016.

The leather jacket is one of the essential clothing for every woman. It’s an article of themeparktour.com that works well for this season, when the first cold of winter is still far, and can express our way through different shapes and colors. Let’s see what some of the proposals are.

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Plus Size Trench Coats On Sale

Trench coats are among the classics at the transitional jackets for ladies. You stand for tradition, fashion sense and above all practical thinking. And of course this special coat reminiscent of years 50’s films, about the classic charm of Adrey Hepburn…


A trench coat is the ideal garment for everyday wear. Many women love it without great thought to slip into it in the trench coat. This suits all occasions and look good on the way to work or to a party. The trench coats in large sizes are reliable even in rainy weather and still have a feminine touch. The fit of the trench coats in XXL is matched to the curves of the body. The needs are respected in the entire design. By the freedom of movement in the shoulder and chest area, the Trenchcoats in large sizes provide a good level of comfort. The waist can be individually adjusted with a tie belt.

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Windproof and Waterproof Parkas for Ladies

Without several different types of outerwear in the wardrobe, it is difficult to live in the Danish seasons. Each of the four seasons provides specific requirements for function and fashion, but in the transitions between the seasons you also need some protective outerwear. It does not mean, of course, that all people have eight different designs hanging in the wardrobe, for with the selection of Parkas you are already covered in several different seasons, as the design style is super smooth and versatile. Particularly in recent years, the trend of wearing parka has also reached Denmark, where the style is characterized by a long, airy design that always extends down on the buttocks. Thus it is particularly useful in autumn and winter, when you just need to insulate yourselves from the cold, and also in spring, when this flexible coat makes a huge difference.

Men’s Down & Parkas


Men's Down & Parkas

Parkas: an outerwear which protects the tip-top

In addition to parkas for all seasons, you can have parkas with many specific designs with Bridgat, each of which has its own function. It depends on the materials, and everything from windproof and waterproof fabrics to lined and insulating designs. Even though Parkas are all characterized by the long forms, each has a different tag. Some are formal and rigorous in the look with the nearest coat-like expression, while the other is super sporty with lots of pockets and dynamic forms. Some are reminiscent of capes, while others resemble the classic Oilskin jackets. No matter what type it is, Parkas are the ultimate look in choice of outerwear, as you will in any case be fashionable when you wear one of the many delicious models from Bridgat.

Women’s Down & Parkas

Women's Down & Parkas