Functional Clothing with Integrated Anti-Mosquito

Carefree through the summer with functional clothing that protects against the harmful effects of sunlight, as well as insects. Light hearted and fully to enjoy sunny half of the year, we have put together an extensive range of summer clothing with Anti-mosquito and UV protection function, as well as a selected range of insects and sunscreen for you. Find more… Continue reading →

See 4 Combinations of Men’s Clothing to Wear at Work

Having a job that requires a little more seriousness does not mean that you need to go to your workplace dressed like you are going to a funeral. Do not feel obliged to always invest in sober colors and be restricted to suits and ties. The universe of men’s fashion offers numerous options for you to dress with creativity, style and still pass the image of a professional in the know. Want to know how? Check out the #PreparadoPraValer tips: Continue reading →

New Year’s Eve in Bahia Will Have Jonas Blue

The fifth edition of the Sundance Festival promises to be an unprecedented experience.Held in Uíki, in Arraial d’Ajuda, in the south of Bahia, one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, the event comes with many new features this season.There will be three days of celebration: December 28th, 29th and 31st, with programming that will be extended to the whole day, with music, fashion and gastronomy.The multi sectors will be divided into two stages, Beer Alley, Windsurf Memorial, Gastronomic Feirinha and Fashion.

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But What Coat of Portage to Choose?

What coat of portage to choose if I no longer carry my child after 6 months?

If you do not want to carry your child after 6 months, you have access to more models of jackets in portage than those who wear large babies and the toddlers. You can wear the models of the brand Pomkin throughout pregnancy and until 6-8 months of your baby. The cape of portage and pregnancy Sara (right) is elegant and modern, even without baby! The pregnancy and portage jacket wool is also cozy and practical, you can use it as well for the first days of autumn for the summer evenings a little fresh. Continue reading →

Fitting Workshop: Access to the Breast

By meeting these moms to the LLL Congress, we got, between a thousand and one other things, talking rags. And to demonstrate access to clever breast offer the brands we have selected in the shop. Since we are only girls, sometimes, we wanted to introduce them more closely in a small workshop of fitting. We are dedicated to answering questions you may have about the specificity of our breastfeeding clothes: openings to access discreetly breast. Breastfeed in beauty, everywhere and at any time!

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A Character Type: 6 Fashion Rules and a Before-After Experiment

Today’s post is an experiment by which the love Conny of the blog “A Hemad and a HOS” courageously stood me to the side. The question was: why certain outfits of A figure by Conny and others do not work? And how can this effect be explained logically? To do this, Conny received the task to put together several outfits – namely those that considers miscarriage and those who liked her. I was allowed to choose the unvorteilhafteste from my point of view and best outfit and analyze. Resulted is a kind of Before after outfit analysis, which has an interesting learning effect. Because you not only know what works for Conny’s individual A character, precisely, but get some evidence with which 6 fashion rules let you fine-tune the proportions of your own character . Are you ready for an experiment at the living people? Continue reading →

The Mission of the Vintage Mannequin

When 13 years ago, Silvia Moyano opened the first El Maniquí Vintage store on Calle Muntaner in Barcelona, ​​inaugurating something more than a business model with little presence in the city. It also offered the city a philosophy. A mission where the garments are meticulously selected and defend the principles of authentic vintage. Continue reading →

Womens Clothing in Large Sizes

Even if you don’t want to do with the slimming madness and simply lets the few pounds too much on her hips where they are, you can dress fashionably, assuming you can find the right shop. Women’s fashion in the clothing sizes 42 to 56 (large sizes/plus/plus-size) can be found in most online shops for “young” fashion, occasionally even short sizes are. Many online stores have set up an extra category under “Women’s fashion” for “Plus size”. If it should be somewhat fancy, you must frequently longer surf through the Internet.

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Vintage Fashion

The Vintage Look seems not to tear down:well preserved clothes or fabrics for clothing from the 50’s and 60’s are still very popular. Can some Second-Hand-laden the more than 50-year-old well-preserved clothing won’t get, as required by the demand. The original product is especially popular, because at that time hardly “off the rack *” was purchased.

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How to Look Fashionable Everyday

To get that perfect look and trendy, no need to fill the wardrobe of an unmeasurable amount of clothes. It takes just 5 tricks to keep in mind and which will help you be whenever elegant, chic and trendy.

1. Always wear an accessory

Accessories are the “salt” of a dress, because it can transform a simple outfit into something spectacular. Before you leave the house every morning, never forget to wear at least one accessory.

2. Remove the dancers and put heels

The heels elevate your figure and give a more secure appearance. You do not have to wear heels every day, but from time to time keep them in mind to give style to your look.

3. Add an element of surprise to your outfit

The best clothes often have an unexpected element. The addition of a punk chic necklace to dress, for example, adds depth to the look. You can crare a unique style even with a bracelet-scarf.

4. Play with your strengths

Whenever you are puzzled about what to wear, just think of the strength of your body, and pull fiuori with the dress. For example, if you have the carved arms, try to wear a sleeveless top. If you have nice legs, find them with a miniskirt.

5. Define your outfits

Your outfits staff should reflect your style with the elements that are repeated. For example, it could be based on high-waisted skirts and heels blacks , or on a variation of the jacket with beltand jeans. After defining the base of your outfit, razionalizzerete your shopping.

Autumn Fashion for Plus Size

Even with a few extra kilos you can become autumn fashion Queen. Don’t you believe? We’ve picked a few pieces in which easily hide each špíček and trends!

Are you trying to cover up the bigger and wider thighs? Suit up in the airy blouses with Ruffles, harémových pants with low crotch and don’t worry or knitted dresses. The taste is also a furry cabin vacushape Olga sleeping Max fall in love with sweaters, oversized coats and have fun with stylish ponči.

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Warm Stylish Mens Winter Coats

Classic elegance mixed with retro jackets and sports elements – so briefly can be summarized trends in the male wardrobe of the approaching winter. Attractive and diverse in terms of models, styles and colors, the current season clothing and shoes are also very practical. That’s what specifically it is:


Retro wave swells primarily in elegant clothes by category, returning to fashion free jackets with double-breasted buttoning, blazers with 3 buttons and slightly slumped shoulders. The pants also have a different pattern of power in recent years. Choosing models in two directions – high waist and a slight narrowing in the lower leg, reaching ankle or longer, but wider leg. More casual pants and jeans are straight and with maximum clean cut.

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Different Types of Mens Jackets

Accessories and style

When it comes to Accessories and men’s jacket style you can consider many aspects and all will be used to confer a particular allure to this garment which may contain several variations than the basic model.

The pockets, for example, are an important accessory in a jacket but they must be chosen carefully. In fact, must be carefully attuned to the fit of the jacket and, in some cases, may be safely hidden inside the lining. Formal evening jackets and should never have flaps to supplement the pockets: welts are permitted only for informal leaders or sportsmen.

The pockets of the jacket should be used for documents and wallets, while the outer in the bottom left is for cigarettes. Men’s sports jackets can have a double external pocket, and the smaller one is for small change, English tradition.

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Cool Leather Jackets Womens

The leather jacket? One must always have in your closet! Although by now the first cold start to make us lean more and more towards heavier jackets, padded jackets and anoraks, like maybe the leather jacket remains one of the faithful companions of autumn. There are those who have an enviable collection, in a thousand different colors, which instead focuses on different models and different shapes … in short, the leather jacket, it doesn’t matter, either real or ecological is a truly indispensable garment. These are the most interesting of the fall-winter 2016.

The leather jacket is one of the essential clothing for every woman. It’s an article of that works well for this season, when the first cold of winter is still far, and can express our way through different shapes and colors. Let’s see what some of the proposals are.

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