Fashion Weekend Plus Size Sets

6th Edition Fashion Weekend Plus Size-Summer 2013

The fashion world is increasingly aware of the fact that all people, no matter your age, fitness level or standard of living, have the right to walk with current clothing, following the trends and, best of all, feeling great and being respected anywhereAfter all appearance is something very personal, each one knows what’s best for you. Continue reading →

Pregnant Fashion, Pictures and Models

Pregnant fashion 2011 this increasingly modern and models manufactured by several brands follow the latest fashion trends. The pregnant woman is more demanding and therefore want to look beautiful throughout pregnancy, so many brands are creating several models and apsotando in details in his pieces, for leaving his wife pregnant very elegant at any stage of pregnancy. Continue reading →

Fashion for Pregnant Women in Xxl

Fashion for women in XXL format is not always so easy to find, especially if the woman is still young and just not the garments for the older ladies would like to attract. It is very gratifying that there is today a large number of online stores that offer also fashion for women in large sizes. As a result, these ladies have a decisive advantage which they highly appreciate. You can order the desired items home, try him there all alone and can then decide. In contrast to the tight dressing in department stores, even the domestic bathroom is a paradise. Besides the reasonable prices and comfortable delivery, this is only an advantage for delivering home. Especially when it comes to the fashion for the pregnancy in XXL, women will find less nice offers in the city. Here, the online shop is again clear advantage, he offered mostly a much nicer selection of the corresponding articles. Continue reading →

Petite Jolie Presents Collection Globall

The Petite Jolie, women’s footwear and accessories brand, believes that each person is formed by their experiences, travel and cultures. That way, the world is getting smaller and our neighbors are people from other countries, since we are more and more connected. In addition, the brand supports the influence of different regions and customs in the design of new products. Based on this idea was born the collection Globall, junction of Globalization and “ALL”, meaning “all”, bringing the will to innovate in a live product line mix of colours and materials. Continue reading →

Fall Fashion Winter Clothes

For the feminine world the  fall winter fashion just like in other seasons, for 2013 is with many novelties to leave options for all tastes and styles. This fashion promises a lot of excitement, because the basic and cool colors like black, white, brown, beige gray and others now also give room for the lively and colorful like green, blue, yellow, orange, red, wine, rose, and other , in addition to the varied prints such as floral, Japanese geometric, and psychedelic will be present in prints and embroidery in many pieces. Continue reading →

Functional Clothing with Integrated Anti-Mosquito

Carefree through the summer with functional clothing that protects against the harmful effects of sunlight, as well as insects. Light hearted and fully to enjoy sunny half of the year, we have put together an extensive range of summer clothing with Anti-mosquito and UV protection function, as well as a selected range of insects and sunscreen for you. Find more… Continue reading →

See 4 Combinations of Men’s Clothing to Wear at Work

Having a job that requires a little more seriousness does not mean that you need to go to your workplace dressed like you are going to a funeral. Do not feel obliged to always invest in sober colors and be restricted to suits and ties. The universe of men’s fashion offers numerous options for you to dress with creativity, style and still pass the image of a professional in the know. Want to know how? Check out the #PreparadoPraValer tips: Continue reading →

New Year’s Eve in Bahia Will Have Jonas Blue

The fifth edition of the Sundance Festival promises to be an unprecedented experience.Held in Uíki, in Arraial d’Ajuda, in the south of Bahia, one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, the event comes with many new features this season.There will be three days of celebration: December 28th, 29th and 31st, with programming that will be extended to the whole day, with music, fashion and gastronomy.The multi sectors will be divided into two stages, Beer Alley, Windsurf Memorial, Gastronomic Feirinha and Fashion.

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How to Dress in Same Sex Weddings

Although many people still refuses to accept the sexual diversity, is no new that today, there are more common the weddings between people of the same sex.

Why as well as heterosexual couples dream of his tale of “fairies”, idealizing and preparing the time of their wedding, people lesbian, gay, also deserve to have more diversity of content on how trends, for your wedding day and make that unforgettable day.

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Dressing Wedding… New Collections

Nothing better than knowing the latest collections of 4 of our favorite designers to start the year! If you are starting your wedding preparations and want to know what will bring us this year at bridal fashion to find some inspiration when choosing your dress, takes note and get ready to look perfect.

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The Most Beautiful Plus Size Wedding Dresses For the Wedding Reception

Juhu, engaged!Finding Plus Size wedding dresses is not easy at all – finding the right dress is certainly also difficult in the standard sizes, but little selection makes it even more difficult.Today I have put together a couple of wedding dresses, which I think are perfect for a wedding ceremony: they are all short or in midi length and do not make you poor.Not all are white (color and patterns may be quiet as well!) And some are also suitable as a wedding guest outfit.Also, there are a few tips on what you can carry about it – and also my outfit and the reference sources I show you in this entry!

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