Microsoft’s Surface Pro Slides Photos

Microsoft executives have  already stated that there is no Surface Pro 5 , and they were not lying. However, the company is actually preparing a new Surface tablet, but this is just an internal hardware upgrade to the current Surface Pro 4 , according to the largest technology leaker on Twitter ,@evleaks . Continue reading →

Good News for Palm Fans

Commonly called tempo paper handkerchiefs, and the epitome of PDAs is still Palm. We have tested whether the new Treo with full typewriter keyboard has the stuff to be a synonym for smart phones.

The Treo 600 is running late: a year ago, Handspring has unveiled the Smart phone.Then Palm PDA pioneer took the competitors, since then known as PalmOne and has left plenty of time with the first shoot.

In the United States, Palm OS Treo 600 with the classic PDA operating system is already a few months on the shelves. Just in time for the European launch, we could test the Treo. Whether the well-positioned Smart phone competition must now come in sweating, information on the following pages. Continue reading →

Difference Between Fluorescent and LED Tube

One of the most used lamp types around the world is the tubular. Since coming to the market in fluorescent model, revolutionized the way we light offices, shops, garages, and other spaces. For a long time there was a competitor that could compete with her, until the arrival of the LED. Continue reading →

Samsung Says That the Future Has Arrived with the Clock Gear

Samsung released a video last weekend showing all the highlights of the new Galaxy Gear, the intelligent clock company. According to her, the unit is one of the biggest innovations of our time, which indicates that the future as imagined in yet.

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Multimedia Sync System 3, Ford, is Compatible with Smart Clock

Smartwatch clock Gear S2, Samsung brings functions such as vehicle location, sleep alert and schedules of commitments

Launched earlier this month in 2017 line of the Ford Focus, the third generation of Sync multimedia system brought news as new touch screen of eight inches and compatibility with Apple systems and Auto for Andoid CarPlay greater integration with mobile phones. In addition, the new plant can also be connected to the “wearables”-“wearable technology” devices, like the smartwatches, the smart watches.

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Lighting for Video: How to Hit Your Productions

Who produces or wants to start producing audiovisual content need to be extra careful with a specific point: the lighting for video.

A poorly lit scene, besides the impression of lack of knowledge and technical care with the recording, can spoil the viewing experience for your users and impacting very negatively your communication strategy.

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Did You Know That LED also Need Certification?

The LED lamp your need to have quality certificate. For this, the Inmetro (National Institute of metrology, quality and technology) has established conduct and standards for manufacturers and importers. The regulation of LED bulbs is in effect since the day 17 March 2015, with the publication of administrative rule 389 , which establishes the obligation of following norms and standards defined by Inmetro. The purpose is to ensure more safety and reliability of the products. Continue reading →

Topic Of The Day: Availability Of Ipads At Cyberport

Welcome to the Apple Circus!
It can not be denied, on today’s May 28, 2010, it is finally time: The iPad is released on the Teutonic mass of the willing to buy. Once again, a product with the bitten apple makes for ecstasy and loose-fitting bills-what does the crisis take care of us, we want to consume, and on the altar of the commerce, to make joyful dances.

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Test – Diskaid And Senuti: Ipad Mutates To The Hard Disk And Supports The Mp3 Export

Functions that Apple has denied us…
As innovative and functional as the Apple microcosm may be, many useful functions are vehemently interrupted by the “fruit policy”. This is not least the case for Apple’s latest creation, so the iPad can not be used as an external hard drive and the re-import of music tracks to the own computer does not succeed. But what Apple does not offer, is pleased the resourceful programmer-with DiskAid and Senuti exist two shareware programs that leverage these limitations. Both songs were originally developed for the iPod (touch) and the iPhone, and I have already discussed it in my second project Macload . Meanwhile, both tools also support the iPad-I did not hesitate, and joined the Praxistest.

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Water MP3 Finis Neptune Review

Every time we are more users we use mp3 water in the pool. I don’t know if you’ve tried any, but since I have started to use them whenever I go to the pool (outside my group hours) is another element that I put in the backpack. Allow me to enjoy the water along with another of my favorite hobbies: music. Continue reading →

X LCD Monitors CRT

Recently I read an article written by Antonio Vega, published on the site in Boadicahe did a cost comparison between LCD and CRT monitors. The article is from 2005, and even with the stale data relative to the price of LCD monitors, he concluded that even in terms of cost, taking into account a horizon of three years of use, the LCD monitor was more advantageous in financial terms. If we take into account factors ergonomicos, to less radiation, less damage in sight, among others, the advantage is even greater. Continue reading →

So You’ll Find The Perfect Headphones For Mobile Phones

The smartphone is more than a mere tool for conversations. Although a large part of our communications seem to be mobile, smartphones are particularly important in the field of entertainment. For example, for streaming. On the road, good headphones are therefore indispensable. That’s why we’ve been thinking about how to find the perfect headphones for mobile phones.

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