The Visit Provides Horror Fans with a Satisfying Blend of Thrills and Laugh

The visit, produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, delivers a passable mix of thrills, excitement and some laughter to viewers and serves not only the likes of horror fans, but inspires other genre-lovers. The visit appeared on the 4 February 2016 via universal BluRay and DVD.


As the single mother (Kathryn Hahn) two children from their parents asked is whether her grandchildren are likely to visit for a week, she agrees. Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) and his sister, Rebecca (Olivia DeJonge) participate in the trip to the secluded farm of her grandparents with great anticipation. Up on the strict regulation, after 21:30 not more exit to the bedroom, the first day runs harmoniously and the children can’t wait to spend more time with Grandma (Deanna Dunagan) and Grandpa (Peter McRobbie). But already on the first evening the two shows, that the said rule not without reason is. When Rebecca and Tyler hear at night strange sounds, they want to go the to the bottom. The siblings left the room and watch her grandmother how she behaves very weirdly. When they want to speak to her grandfather on the next morning, they will be rejected with a brief explanation. But the strange behavior of the grandparents is getting worse and the two seniors behave well during the day always curious. Tyler and Rebecca begin to doubt whether the travel was not a mistake to her grandparents.

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