Bicycle Hat and Test 2016

The bike hat enjoys in recent years become increasingly popular. Long ago the head warmers are no longer considered pure helmet accessories for winter. Even in summer, wear ever more German cycling caps. Thus, the bicycle cap has various features that go beyond the insulating properties too. Because they can also serve as protection against sunshine popping or even as a mere fashion accessories.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of bicycle cap comes naturally mainly in winter to wear. For die-hard bikers ride even in frost and freezing cold to work. Here the protective helmet can often be a burden, because usually have the head guards holes on the side or above, which can be the annoying wind through. Our compact guide tells you why you so definitely need a bicycle cap however, telling you all more important around material, design and fit:

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How to Wear Fishnet Hose

Fishnet stockings are one of the pieces in the women’s closet. They are constantly connected with fantasy or sensual visual, but that is not always their main use. The carnival is quite common to use the piece around in costumes like pirate and Colombina, but you can have but one in the closet and use day to day without any problem. Just know, like everything in fashion, how to combine. Just make a good use of it.

Any body type can use? Yes! It is not a half stuck, just, and even gives more than the others, so the basic look is much easier to assemble. There are several colors of this article, the most common is black. But nothing prevents you from getting different colors to diversify the look as red, white or blue and red, are also easy to find. The best time to buy would be close to carnival and Halloween, when the play becomes a sales fever. But throughout the year you buy in cities smoothly, even in Lojas Americanas and supermarket retailers with diverficiação items.

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How to Buy Ski & Snowboard Gloves

Gloves for Ladies

Ski and snowboard gloves – cold fingers are water under the bridge!

Hardly an accessory is as important as the gloves while skiing and snowboarding. Cold fingers are on the mountain an absolute no-go and spoil the most beautiful day in the snow. They have to be functional and also look good. Whether lined and waterproof Gloves in the dead of winter, or thin and breathable Pipe Gloves when shredding in spring – Blue Tomato has a lot of models in the range, which convince with outstanding technologies in every situation!

How to Buy Ski & Snowboard Gloves

The first decision you make for yourself is have: Gloves or mittens – like normal gloves with fingers or mittens stalwarts. Both versions are available for men and women and all weather conditions, which is why it is mostly about personal taste. The weaknesses of a model are also the strengths of the other. Mittens have a higher insulating performance and fewer seams, which may be susceptible to moisture penetration. The obvious disadvantage is the limitation of flexibility when it comes to open a zipper or to adjust the goggle. Gloves contrast trumps with great freedom of movement and a secure grip.


Remedy creates the so-called hybrid, so the mixture of Gloves and Mittens. Here the thumb and forefinger are stitched separately, the remaining three fingers share a chamber. So the advantages of both variants are combined.



Mittens of Celtek for women

A modern and high-quality ski and snowboard glove is nowadays not only of a material. The models differ mainly in its outer material. Much of the gloves is made of synthetic, so it is free of animal substances. Often is the innermost layer of the Gloves of nylon, which is the best choice for the comfort of the glove. This is followed by a membrane which consists for example of Teflon or polyurethane. Your fingers stay warm and dry, while the sweat is transported to the surface. In perfection dominated this match the familiar GORE-TEX®, which comes in many glove models for use and promises high breathability and high water density.

How to Buy Ski & Snowboard Gloves

Although many manufacturers rely on synthetic materials, still swear many skiers and snowboarders on the classic leather. Inherently water resistant and extremely durable, so you can count in the snow on your leather gloves, even after years. In combination with a special treatment on the outside or an internal membrane, breathability and water density can be increased to a maximum.

Helmets and Protective Equipment Reviews

If you love speed and challenges in your sports activities, you are almost in danger. The trip with ramp, slope, or whatever you might find on also means a risk of crashes and accidents. But a true sports enthusiast will not turn out of this. It’s all about the equipment. With helmets, bandages, tooth protectors and other protective gear, you can enjoy your sport and running in a good pace, knowing that you have taken reasonable precautions. Helmets, protective gear and various bandages and protective parts for joints are necessities for many sports. Whether you are skateboarding, cycling or something else, you’d better to have a helmet and other protective gear in order. In this way you can more confidently when you play sports!

Protective Equipment

Helmets and protective gear for the serious speed enthusiast

The right equipment is crucial for the men who love speed and adventure. Be sure to have helmets, bandages and other specific protective equipment for different sports. Regardless of your personal and sporting preferences, you can find protective gear in a variety of colors and models. Search on our online shop, and find out what we can offer fir your sport!

Bicycle Helmet with Visor