What’s New in Makeup Bag!

Hi Hi Hi guys!!! You’ve noticed that lately is going on several palpitecos of beauté here on the blog? Has muiiitas news from the world of beauty painting in the area and we’re piri piradinhas pipiri, counting the characters to share all the details with you. Hahahahaha! In fact the tip of today comes straight from the pharmacy. But chill, this post is not about drugs! You know that we are super duper mega curious, huh?! Appeared a novelty we ran behind. So, at least every 15 days we make a point of giving a “poke around” on the shelves of DRUGSTORE SÃO BENTO to check out what’s new on the block! Continue reading →

The Best Hairstyles For Spring

Spring is here and with it come new trends in hair that we can not pass. Good weather invites more radical hair cuts, but one that seems to always be fashionable is the Bob cut. For elegant and eye-catching style, the Bob is one of the best hairstyles for this spring, widely used by the famous, on its slopes climbing gives a modern touch that suits all kinds of factions. Continue reading →

Balmain Hair Extensions Reviews

Balmain hair extensions-perhaps the world’s best extensions! With Balmain hair you get double the world’s best quality. Balmain hair extensions double hair is an innovative way to add volume, color or length to your own hair with endless styling options to follow. From Hollywood Celebrities to models on the catwalks all over the world-all are crazy about Balmain hair extensions, as well as blend incredibly well into your own hair, is also of great high-quality.

Cheap Balmain hair extensions

Here, we cover a huge inventory home, and can therefore sell these otherwise expensive extensions to an unheard of cheap promotional price. Try therefore confidently Balmain hair extensions, it’s certainly a decision you will not regret. Balmain hair extensions are so unique because of, among other things, a unique blending system, which makes the hair blender well in with your own hair.

Balmain Hair Extensions Reviews Continue reading →