Children’s Day: Transform Children’s Space

A stimulating environment and in the right measure for the kids’ daily routine. Who does not want to have one like that at home? The Oppa  – Brazilian brand of furniture and design accessories – can give you some tips décor with mobile solutions and accessories that will make all the difference and turn their corner into something more playful, practical, colorful and comfortable. Continue reading →

Green Building: a Step Forward in the Environment Protection

This is a global trend that is anchored in the building, because it generates and regulates the resources employed. Wood is one of the materials protagonists of the building as a natural, renewable, sustainable and insulating thermal resource, which generates huge energy savings and harmony with the environment. Continue reading →

Westwing Guide Forcaruaru Luminaire

The Caruaru lamp was developed by the famous designer Marcelo Rosenbaum and is part of a line of furniture inspired by the Free Fair of the city of Caruaru, in the harsh Pernambuco. Having as main material the pine wood naturally grown, the pieces, and the lamp itself, has as main objective to refer to the furniture used in the fair itself and the way they are arranged in the middle of the public. Continue reading →

Modern Design Kitchen Chairs

The kitchen is the most lived and busy environment of any home. All that we find in the kitchen, from furniture to accessories, performs the dual function of making the environment and facilitate the usability aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.

In every kitchen, the central element around which gathers the whole family is at the table. The table is a symbol of sharing, of being together, the family unit. Members of the family to gather around the table need comfortable seating.

The Modern Design in addition to preserving the comfort of the kitchen chairs, has maximally praised the elegant aesthetic appearance, in order to pull off the kitchen and its furnishings from a conception rather traditional and limited “rustic place” where should reign only practicality.

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Discover How to Create Creative Arrangements

We know that the use of the correct adornments can transform any room or celebration, both in open-air events and in indoor areas. Among the various styles that you can use in these fraternizations we have decided to gather some tips on rustic table decoration, for being versatile, delicate and at the same time ideal for the most diverse celebrations.

The rustic table decoration has inspiration in a country look, and precisely why it prioritizes the use of parts manufactured with materials such as: wood and other natural fibers that assist in creating a fairly connected environment. The use of flowers and softer pieces to complement the decoration is also one of the trademarks of such events. Accompany the tips of the West wing, inspire us and transform increasingly the decoration of your home and your celebrations! Continue reading →

Brand Creates Dolls and Dolls with Down to Inspire Children

Play is the universal language of children. Kidding, the little ones assimilate the information of the world and construct their first references of the other and of themselves. Therefore, it is essential to think about what toy profile we offer the child, after all, the more diversity there is at the moment, the wider the worldview. Educator and researcher Waldorf Nina Veiga explains that “the doll is an expression of language, it is a way of symbolically expressing what surrounds us”. Continue reading →

Goodbye, Wedding Party! Hello to the Gourmet Tasting

If you are planning your wedding, one of the questions that will surely haunt your head is what will be served to eat. You want your guests to be with a good taste and live an unforgettable experience. If so, perhaps this is time of contemplating new culinary options. After all, one of the leading bridal trends is to break the rules. Continue reading →

Guide for Freshly Baked Parents – Crash Baby

Finally the worm is there! And now? Freshly baked parents are often at a loss to their offspring at the beginning. For them there is the “guidance for the untrained”.

Why does my baby look so squeezed? Is it hungry again? And how do I find out how to put on this funny sling? Couples who become parents for the first time often buzz countless question marks through their heads. Then, friends are interviewed and kilo guides are rolled out – by the way. If you like the time-consuming excitement about the new life situation a little more compact, the current counselor of Nora Imlau could be something: “Crash baby: Guidance for the untrained”. Continue reading →

Office Decoration

You know that will hide the home office space when it comes to visit or when the desire to tidy house beats with force? The architect Ligia Resstom solved the problem by designing a niche 1.60 x 2.53 x 1.50 m next to the living room hidden by a sliding door. The space accommodates, without drafts, all the material specific to that type of site. Under the countertop, she opted for a module of MDF melamine laminated and coated castors for ease of movement. The lighting inside the niche offers enough light. Continue reading →

Transform Your Home Transform Your Life

If the appearance of your home has not make you so satisfied, it may not be due to lack of something, but the excess of some of them.

It sounds easy, but practicing a detachment with household objects can be more complicated than you think. For example, identifying what should stay at home or not can generate a big headache and discourage anyone to renovate the house. Continue reading →

Chronicle: Diaper Anxiety

Have you noticed that your friend got kids so you not seen as often? You might think that is because he now chose to focus on the family, that he no longer can swing at the pub with you when he has a blöjbak at home that screams for attention. I suspect that you suspect the wife/boyfriend/girlfriend puts stop and that is why you can no longer let Sundays drain away along the countless cafes. It is wrong. He has simply not as nice clothes like you anymore and has no desire to be reminded of what he lacks. You understand that fashion is really only about time and money, something that young parents have frustratingly short on. Continue reading →

Ecological Home Design

There is a place of calm amid the bustle of the Fuorisalone, where these days have found a home design objects and productions “responsible” for social and environmental well. Are the stars of “Goodesign-work well, better to dwell” (er, the slogan seems tailor-made for me and for people like me… working from home!), An event sponsored by Best up , the circuit for the promotion of housing sustainable, and Cascina Cuccagna, an old farmhouse of the seventeenth century in the heart of Milan in the past two years has been involved in a restoration and… participatory. Continue reading →

12 Week Ultrasound: the First Big Screening

What is in the 12th week of pregnancy? An ultrasound! The embryo is now about five centimeters long. You can learn which further examinations are, and what you see else in ultrasound.

Dear expectant moms, arrived now at the end of the third month of pregnancy. Sure would like to know what your baby looks like now and what all it can, or? Then it is good, that first big screening is available between the ninth and the twelfth week of pregnancy. And what does the Ultrasound in the 12th week of pregnancy? Here, the most important studies and data are summarized. Continue reading →