Where and When to Buy Your Winter Coat in Toronto

Nwill, your winter coat of Brazil (even if you live in the South of the country) will not serve to the winter of Canada. Here is cold and if you are subjecting to visit the country in winter or living here have to invest in a good quality jacket, there’s no point. You can put a good value in your travel budget . And it’s not luxury: the cold is very dangerous and can even kill (read this post here talking about care that you may have with the cold). A good coat is critical to your health in the winter and so you can enjoy the cold days without suffering or get sick. Continue reading →

Aviator Jacket Winter Models

Aviator Jackets-2012 Winter Trend

If you have a piece that came into fashion in the winter to keep time, this play was the Aviator style jacket. Do you know? Certainly, as it is in all the stores, made with various materials, not only in leather, with many colors and used in hundreds of different ways. The Aviator jacket is a big trend in 2012, as well as last year and promises to continue with everything. Continue reading →

Bomber Jacket-9 Looks For You To Wear Your Jacket

The bomber jackets were inspired by the coats of airline pilots of the first world war, at the time they served as wind protection because the cabins of the planes be opened. In the years 80 they began to earn your fashion space, making the biggest success in the film Top Gun, and have never been as high as today–if becoming fundamental piece to assemble looks fashionistas.

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Jacket Gamiss

On occasion I have shown some of my acquisitions at Gamiss, as it was this bomber, that I told you that it was the first acquisition and was a success fully, I asked him a little suspicious because my experience in these stores is not entirely satisfactory, I also asked a dress and both the dress and the bomber was a complete success I loved.

On this occasion what I asked was a coat, a grey jacket with hair that seemed ideal for this time, I really liked. Continue reading →

PÁRamo – Pasco Jacket

It does not often happen that I leave so long for a test. But with the Pasco Jacket from Paramo, I really wanted to be on the safe side. This is a completely new concept. That’s why I’ve tested the jacket for over a year now.

PÁRamo Directional Clothing

Many of you have certainly not heard much about Páramo. This is due to the fact that this brand has so far mainly focused on the British market and has only slowly swept over to the continent in recent years. On the other hand, however, it is also because the market has been crushed in the last few years by the sheer market power of the Gore-Tex products and the millions of budgets behind the small companies have hardly left a chance. I’m always a fan of changing things.

If one reads the name Páramo, one must inevitably also call the company Nikwax. This is well known to many hikers when it comes to care products and impregnation. The fact that they are also for a complete clothing system, is again not so many people clear. The Nikwax founder Nick Brown had the idea to these substances already in the year 1984. Up until now, however, they were not able to penetrate a wide bank.

Páramo has decided to design functional, powerful and at the same time comfortable outdoor clothes for this system from Nikwax.


The term directionality means the ability of a substance to transport the liquid water in a certain direction. In the case of outdoor clothing, this means: as far away as possible from the body. All Páramo jackets consist of two important layers. The inner liner absorbs the water and transports it outwards by capillary action. The outer layer is a water-repellent fabric which is more breath-active than a conventional membrane. More background information can be found here.

Pasco Jacket

Theory has been worked out based on JACKETPANEL. We come to the Pasco Jacket selbt. At first glance, the Pasco Jacket does not look like a state of the art functional jacket. The outer material has little in common with the usual plastic bombs, which one knows from the outdoor stores. The fabric is soft and feels more silk-like, albeit a lot more robust. The look and feel more like a training suit from the 90s.

But once you wear the jacket, you do not want to go back. The wearing feeling is a lot more pleasant than that of Hardshells. There is hardly any rustling and the jacket feels much more comfortable.


The subjective feeling plays an important role in breathing activity. I have in the last years determined 10 to 15 jackets with membrane tried. One after the other has promised a better respiratory activity. Unfortunately, I could not confirm this. I sweat very much and start fast. To slip into a membrane jacket has almost the same effect for me as to be welded into a fresh film. The little thing that these jackets pass by steam is simply not enough for my output.

Let’s go to the Pasco Jacket. The system of Paramo is not simply to let the water vapor escaping, but to transport the wet perspiration directly in liquid form from the body so that it can escape later through the outer layer, which is a lot more active than a membrane.

It is clear to me that there is already functional clothing and also underwear, which does the same or similar and it is sensible to use these also. But if you wear a hardshell with a membrane, the perspiration will bump into the membrane at some point.

Last year the Páramo system proved to be a great success for me. The Pasco Jacket has become my absolute favorite jacket. I wear them not only outdoors but also in daily use. I would not if she was not so comfortable to wear.

The Weight

This all sounds just too good to be true. A jacket that is better than an ordinary hardshell in almost all aspects and even better for the environment ?! That’s true! But the Pasco Jacket has a big hit point! The weight is significantly higher with 662g than with most other solutions from my wardrobe. This is, of course, due to the materials used.The inner fleece adds a lot of weight to the jacket. This disadvantage, however, is only a compromise.

Not For Any Weather?

The fleece, which has just been mentioned, and the weight that is connected with it, will of course be compensated for by the increased insulation capacity of the jacket. A middle layer is being saved just in autumn and spring, which balances the weight balance to a large extent.

What do you do in the summer? At warm temperatures the Pasco Jacket gets warm. Although the ventilation possibilities are excellent, but unfortunately these can not cool down the temperature inside the jacket. The solution: In summer, I use a different solution. Either I take a screen or the good old Dri Ducks jacket. The egg laying woolen milk will never give it.

Details Of The PÁRamo – Pasco Jacket

Let’s get to the hard facts of the Pasco Jacket. The manufacturer uses the following technical features:

  1. Large ventilation openings with two-way zipper and internal draft shield for effective ventilation without rain.
  2. Pump Liner® Reinforced shoulders and back for extra protection when carrying a backpack or in heavy rain.
  3. Two inner hand warmers (access through ventilation openings on the upper body).
  4. Articulated shoulders and elbows for maximum freedom of movement and an optimal fit.
  5. Fully adjustable hood with screen for comprehensive weather protection without restricting the field of view.
  6. Two-way zip with internal windbreak.
  7. Reflector strips for improved visibility.
  8. Longer sleeves – ideal for cyclists.

The model tested by me has the following features:

Color: French Navy

Size: M

Weight: 662g (reweighted)

What Is The Future?

The current development is not the end of the flagpole. The newer model has a much more technical cut and is equipped with a lighter and airier inner lining. This makes the jackets even more attractive for all enthusiasts who pay attention to the weight.

Good For The Environment

The materials used are above all a great step for the environment. Páramo was  the first outdoor company to commit itself to Greenpeace’s detox campaign by 2020 to replace hazardous substances in production withnon -hazardous substances. These are laudable goals and Páramo is from all the manufacturers I know on the best way to achieve this.

As a consumer, I feel taken seriously and trust the product. For this higher goal, I also like to buy a few grams more and hope that the development will go more in this direction.


The environmentally friendly and outstanding function make the Pasco Jacket by Paramo the ideal companion for temperatures well below 20 ° C. In my wardrobe I would not miss this. Even if the weight is not to be seen as the ultimate, I will gladly accept this compromise in some cases. Due to its versatility, this jacket makes an excellent figure in the city as well as in nature when the outside temperature is correct.

Páramo gave me this product free of charge for the test. This fact, however, does not affect the test. All tests and product presentations on this outdoor blog are written to the best of our knowledge.

Autumn Fashion for Plus Size

Even with a few extra kilos you can become autumn fashion Queen. Don’t you believe? We’ve picked a few pieces in which easily hide each špíček and trends!

Are you trying to cover up the bigger and wider thighs? Suit up in the airy blouses with Ruffles, harémových pants with low crotch and don’t worry or knitted dresses. The taste is also a furry cabin vacushape Olga sleeping Max fall in love with sweaters, oversized coats and have fun with stylish ponči.

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Bomber Jacket: Familiar Look, New Cut

I can remember very well when there was last winter at H & M real cool coats, bomber jackets-style. One black and one green.

More than once I have tried on the coat, every time, when I’ve looked past in a H & M store.When the items in the sale were, had I bought almost she, was but reasonable, because I had can wear just open the bomber jacket.

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How to Remove Creases from Leather Jacket


You’ve opened the closet of your room and you have found your favorite leather jacket completely wrinkled? It is obvious that, being of a delicate material and not suited to iron flat iron, you’ll have to proceed in a different manner to remove all creases. So here are some tips that you can put in place to bring back your jacket perfectly in shape and ready to be raised again. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading →

Oscar Jacobson’s Spring 2014

The Swedish winter has its charms, but despite this, we believe that there are many of us who long for spring and bar Hill. When sales have now started to subside and spring merchandise are just beginning to show up in stores, it might be a good idea to plan their vårinköp. Manolo had a chat with Mats Pettersson, one of the people who run Oscar Jacobsson and with main responsibility for the brand’s products and development. Mats presented the spring theme of OH Man that is James Bond. Continue reading →

Warm Stylish Mens Winter Coats

Classic elegance mixed with retro jackets and sports elements – so briefly can be summarized trends in the male wardrobe of the approaching winter. Attractive and diverse in terms of models, styles and colors, the current season clothing and shoes are also very practical. That’s what specifically it is:


Retro wave swells primarily in elegant clothes by category, returning to fashion free jackets with double-breasted buttoning, blazers with 3 buttons and slightly slumped shoulders. The pants also have a different pattern of power in recent years. Choosing models in two directions – high waist and a slight narrowing in the lower leg, reaching ankle or longer, but wider leg. More casual pants and jeans are straight and with maximum clean cut.

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Cool Leather Jackets Womens

The leather jacket? One must always have in your closet! Although by now the first cold start to make us lean more and more towards heavier jackets, padded jackets and anoraks, like maybe the leather jacket remains one of the faithful companions of autumn. There are those who have an enviable collection, in a thousand different colors, which instead focuses on different models and different shapes … in short, the leather jacket, it doesn’t matter, either real or ecological is a truly indispensable garment. These are the most interesting of the fall-winter 2016.

The leather jacket is one of the essential clothing for every woman. It’s an article of themeparktour.com that works well for this season, when the first cold of winter is still far, and can express our way through different shapes and colors. Let’s see what some of the proposals are.

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How to Sew a Jacket


Sew on their own clothes has many advantages, each dress is a unique boss, made, customized to suit your taste and, not least, you can have in your wardrobe a tailored garment at very low cost. Today we will see how to hand sew a jacket. This is undoubtedly a piece of clothing in the wardrobe essential, both male and female, the jackets do not know the dark periods, which are elegant or sporty, luxurious fabrics or not, are by far the protagonists of all seasons.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Cloth (Financedns)
  • Pattern choice
  • Sewing kit (needle, thread, seamstress chalk, scissors)
  • Sewing machine
  • Buttons and various decorations

The easiest method to sew one is to start by getting a pattern that reflects their needs for size and type of jacket that you will achieve. The patterns can be found on newsstands, in fabrics shops and on the internet. Then he will proceed to the purchase of cloth, taking care to wash it and iron it to enable it to retreat before starting to sew our jacket.

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Classic Cotton Jackets for Men

Classic cotton jacket is largely unchanged over the last 30 years. The model from this website is especially used for cross-country skiing, but is in reality also very useful when you have to go out and experience autumn shake on the beach or in the woods, possibly with a thick sweater or fleece underneath, and so has been a strong comeback at Anorak Street the last few years, with its authentic retro style.


In the large chest pocket, there is plenty of room for cards, ski wax or a packet of biscuits.

Men's Vintage Jacket Gradient Color Button Front Dual Chest Pockets Cotton Blend

As an accessory to the jacket available a fur trim, which effectively keeps snow away from the face, and therefore may be recommended if a must to be used for cross country skiing or just outdoor in winter season.



  • Articulated elbow parties
  • Fixed adjustable hood
  • Velcro for mounting of fur trim at hood
  • Velcro on pit zips
  • Elastic snorstramning in lower edge.
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • More: refer to http://www.internetdict.com/search/jacket/

Plus Size Men's Bomber Jacket Vintage Floral Pattern Faux Leather Accent

Cleaning and maintenance:

Jacket can be washed in normal machine at 40 degrees. If you must set off on the trip, we recommend that you give a good game of waterproofing anorak with Nikwax cotton proof that is washed into the fabric and makes anorak even more water resistant and windproof.